“Where there is no time limit, I think he beats 99 percent of fighters,” Firas Zahabi believes Nate Diaz doesn’t lose fight he runs out of time

Firas Zahabi claims Nate Diaz can finish any fighter if there is no time limit during the fight.

Nate Diaz and Leon Edwards
Nate Diaz and Leon Edwards

‘The Stockton Slugger’ Nate Diaz returned inside the Octagon at UFC 263 in a fight against Leon Edwards. Diaz’s presence electrified the arena with his presence and even after being staying outside the Octagon for more than one and a half years, Edwards couldn’t knock him out.

He took a beating from Leon Edwards for five rounds and it is true that ‘Rocky’ outlasted him in most departments of the fight but Nate Diaz showed absolute toughness and even wobbled him with a left hand towards the end of the fight round.

If Diaz would have landed some follow-up shots with his left end, the fight should have ended there. Nate Diaz’s coach Firas Zahabi also thinks the same that Nate Diaz doesn’t lose any fight he just runs out of time.

During the recent Q&A session on Tristar gym YouTube channel, Zahabi says, “If you put Nate Diaz in a fight where there is no time limit, I think he beats 99 percent of fighters,”

“You can’t sub him. You can’t finish him. The guy doesn’t stop walking forward. He puts volume on you. He is the scariest, in my opinion, street fighter in MMA.” {H/T MMA Junkie}

Firas Zahabi claims Nate Diaz can end anyone in a street fight

Edwards and Diaz
Edwards and Diaz

Nate Diaz is known for his durability and cardio that helped him to stay inside the fights for longer time, no matter how bad things turned up for him. Zahabi claims that the fighters are safe in MMA Octagon but in a street fight Nate Diaz can kill anyone.

Zahabi added, “I think if you had to fight him in the street, man, you are in a fight for your life. Ain’t going to be no judges standing you up between rounds. There’s no judge to come and give you the win. No, no.”

“This guy ain’t going away. I think if he had a no time limit fight with Leon Edwards, he beats Leon Edwards – and I have a tremendous admiration for Leon Edwards.”  

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