“Show some damn respect”- Francis Ngannou berates FIFA for attempting to suspend AFCON due to rising COVID-19 infections

Francis Ngannou takes to twitter to voice his opinion about Fifa trying to cancel the AFCON indefinitely. Read all about it here.

Gianni Infantino(L), Francis Ngannou(R)
Gianni Infantino(L), Francis Ngannou(R)

Francis Ngannou isn’t too happy with FIFA! With global cases of the coronavirus spiking again and the emergence of the Omicron covid variant, there has been concern mounting up that football leagues might come to a halt.

European football leagues especially the Premier League continue to go on with the promise of protecting their players and making sure that each and every participant is vaccinated but certain clubs had been making efforts to postpone the AFCON taking place in Cameroon this January wanting their players to stay with the club instead of representing their country with the reason of wanting them to be safe and requiring them to play the league games.

Fifa now seems to have the intention of postponing the African Cup of Nations and possibly even canceling it with Fifa President Gianni Infantino citing safety and logistical concerns as the reason.

AFCON had already been pushed back due to the pandemic, with the tournament initially scheduled for the summer of 2020.

Many celebrities spoke out against the AFCON being canceled with UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou taking to Twitter and firing at Fifa. “Cameroon is hosting the #ACON this year and the whole continent is excited for it since this is the only competition that honor all African players around the world. Please show some damn respect to our people“, tweeted the Cameroonian.

Cameroon is hosting this year and the whole continent is excited for it since this is the only competition that honors all African players around the world. Please show some damn respect to our people.” Former football player Samuel Eto’o who is now the elected head of the Cameroon FA spoke out saying that he doesn’t see any reason why the AFCON needs to be postponed when other major football leagues aren’t.

Francis Ngannou not at all happy with Fifa and their “b****hit excuses”

Francis Ngannou
Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou is one of the latest celebrities with African heritage who took to social media to voice their opinion on Fifa trying to postpone the AFCON indefinitely.

It’s so disrespectful to see how @FIFAcom is trying to suspend the African Cup of Nations with some bullshit excuses while competitions have been taking place everywhere else“, said the current UFC heavyweight champ.

He joins the long list of fans and sportspersons who aren’t happy with how other major football leagues are going ahead with their schedule but seem to have a problem with their players representing their respective countries for the AFCON. The head of the Cameroon FA, Samuel Eto’o said, “I do not see a convincing reason to postpone the Africa Cup of Nations, the Euro was played during the pandemic with full stadiums. They played in many cities in Europe, so why shouldn’t we play in Cameroon? If some think we should postpone the tournament, they need to give a good reason.”

With that said, looks like Francis Ngannou and all other football fans can be happy with the fact that the AFCON will go ahead as planned with the opening game starting on 9th Jan, 2022.

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