Francis Ngannou MMA debut: When did the heavyweight champion begin his MMA career?

Not much is known about the UFC heavyweight champion's beginnings in the sport of mixed martial arts.

Francis Ngannou MMA debut
Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou is a behemoth. He is the hardest puncher in the history of the UFC. No one has ever knocked him down in a fight. The Cameroonian is an out and out killing machine.

Ngannou made his move to the UFC in December 2015, and announced his arrival in the very first fight with a knockout win over Luis Henrique. ‘The Predator’ is yet to have a unanimous decision victory in his entire career.

He then slowly made his way up, knocking each and every opponent in his path, and is now the heavyweight champion. He claimed the belt after beating heavyweight legend Stipe Miocic at the recently concluded UFC 260 in March, earlier this year. He made his UFC debut in 2015, but when and where did Francis Ngannou make his MMA debut?

Francis Ngannou began training in boxing only when he was 22 years old

Ngannou was born in Batie, Cameroon, a largely impoverished region where MMA was totally unknown. He was interested in boxing following his father’s reputation as a street fighter. At the age of 22, Ngannou began training in boxing. An age when almost 90% of the fighters would have made their debuts.

Following an illness, he stopped training. It was only when he was 26 that he decided to pursue a career in MMA. He decided to leave his hometown and reach Europe. After a brief struggle, he made it to Paris where he was introduced to Fernand Lopez of the MMA Factory.

That was when he took up MMA as a full-time career. Due to his crazy genetics and out-of-the world power, he was tipped to become successful.

Francis Ngannou MMA debut: The Cameroonian marks his arrival on the MMA scene

After being good to go, Ngannou finally made his MMA debut at 100% Fight, a promotion based in Paris, France. He faced Rachid Benzina on the 30th of November in 2013. All Ngannou needed was just 100 seconds to beat Benzina via. submission.

Ngannou was then pegged back due to a unanimous decision loss against Zoumana Cisse. But he came back stronger winning the next 2. And within a year after leaving 100% Fight, Ngannou joined the UFC, and he is now the heavyweight champion.

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