“When I do retire, I’m never coming back,” Frankie Edgar still unsure about his retirement even after UFC 268 loss

Frankie Edgar is still not ready for the retirement talk after facing a devastating KO loss against Marlon Vera at UFC 268.

Frankie Edgar and Marlon Vera
Frankie Edgar and Marlon Vera

The former UFC Lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar faced the second consecutive KO loss of this year in the Bantamweight contest against the number 11th ranked UFC Bantamweight fighter, Marlon Vera at UFC 268. Edgar has won only one out of his last five UFC fights and many people already suggesting this future hall of Famer hang his gloves.

But the former champion is still not sure when it is going to be the right time when Edgar will the announcing his retirement. Talking about the same in his recent interview at Champ and the Tramp podcast, Frankie Edgar says, “Everybody’s going to bring up the f*cking retirement and this and that, and I’m not gonna answer it because I don’t know what it is, honestly,”

“I just want to know, when I do retire, I’m never coming back. I’m not ready for that yet. I’m not ready to make that decision yet. But this is probably the first time after a fight where I’m not thinking about my next fight. I’m not thinking about getting back in the gym.”

Edgar continued, “I know I’m never gonna stop training no matter what I decide, and I will be back in the gym soon just because I’m addicted to that. But I’m not thinking of it, and this is the first time probably in my fight career that that’s happened.” {h/t MMA Fighting}

Frankie Edgar revealed he went through a high surgery in April

Frankie Edgar
Frankie Edgar

Frankie Edgar has dealt with multiple wears and tears in his body during the course of his long MMA career. He further revealed that he had undergone hip surgery in April, which he later admitted didn’t cause a hindrance for him in the fight against Marlon Vera.

Edgar added, “I never really made it public, that’s an accomplishment in itself, coming back from that. That’s something I wanted to prove to myself. A lot of people think you get something like that, it’s the end of something. And not only did I do it, I f*cking did it quickly. I felt amazing, my hip f*cking felt amazing.” {h/t MMA Fighting}

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