“I hate fighting as well,” Georges St Pierre resonates with Nick Diaz’s comments ahead of UFC 266

“I hate fighting as well,” Georges St Pierre resonates with Nick Diaz’s comments ahead of UFC 266

Georges St Pierre and Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz has managed to gain the attention of his former rival Georges St Pierre with his comments on hating to fight.

Georges St Pierre was present at the UFC Hall-of-Fame ceremony. He was gracious enough to spare some time for the press and answered a few questions. While the return of Nick Diaz got everyone excited, the Stockton fighter put some questions of concern with his recent comments on fighting prior to UFC 266, where he takes on Robbie Lawler. Nick said that he absolutely despises fighting. GSP reveals that he can relate to the Diaz brother.


“I can relate to that,” St-Pierre said. “I hate fighting as well. I hate it. I did it because I used it as a benchmark to get me to where I want to get to in life. I don’t like fighting. It’s the worst day of my life the day that I fight, but I used that to get me a life because I have the freedom, the health, the fitness, the wealth, the access of things that other people do not have. There’s a lot of good advantages, but you need to pay the price sometimes (or) a few times a year if you want to be a fighter among the elite.” [h/t MMA Junkie]

Georges St Pierre gives his views on how Nick Diaz will perform

Georges St Pierre Hall of Fame
Georges St-Pierre at the Hall of Fame ceremony

GSP and Nick go way back as the two fighters met in the main event of UFC 158 in the year 2013. That fight was a stunning fight but the post-fight interview in the octagon caught everyone off-guard after Nick said he won’t be fighting anymore. GSP won that fight via decision. When reporters asked the Canadian if he was looking forward to the comeback of Nick, GSP said he is a huge fan of Diaz.

“Would he come back as good as he was or this layoff would it have a significant impact on him? I don’t know,” St-Pierre said. “I just hope that he will come back as good as he (was). I’m afraid he left a lot of money on the table and I hope I’m wrong. I hope he comes back even better than he was and he goes for a shot for the title. I’m a huge fan. I really enjoy watching him fight.”


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