“I was scared to death,” Georges St Pierre talks about his first fight against Matt Hughes at UFC 50

Legendary UFC fighter Georges St Pierre looks back to the first time he fought his arch-rival, Matt Hughes, at UFC 65.

Georges St Pierre Matt Hughes
Georges St Pierre vs Matt Hughes

Georges St Pierre is arguably the greatest welterweight of all time. The Canadian has many spectacular fights but his bouts against Matt Hughes are best known.

Georges St Pierre is a two-division champion and one of the greatest if not the greatest welterweight of all time. He has a clean record of 26-2-0 in his professional MMA career. The fighter had only two losses in his career which then he later avenged both of those Ls. His two defeats came against the first time he faced legendary welterweight Matt Hughes and Matt Sera. In the recent episode of MMA Junkie’s Legend 2 Legend talk with Burt Watson, GSP spoke about how nervous he was facing Hughes for the first time.

His first time meeting Hughes inside the octagon was his third fight under the UFC banner. With only two fights, GSP was offered a title fight by the UFC President Dana White. “And when Dana White told me I was fighting for the title, I thought it was a joke. I didn’t believe it. And to tell you frankly, I didn’t want that fight. I was scared to death. I didn’t want to fight him. I knew I wasn’t ready,” said GSP to Burt Watson.

Georges St Pierre talks about how he overcame his fear

Georges St Pierre
Georges St Pierre

At UFC 50, GSP lost to the champion Hughes via an armbar in the very first round. Not very common to see St Pierre getting submitted. GSP says he had a lot of thinking to do after that fight and he realized that most of his fear came mentally. “But after I watched the fight, I realized my problem was just mental. I went there to fight him not to win – I went there not to lose. After that fight, I said, ‘You know what? I can be there with the best guys in the world. I can beat anybody’” said GSP.

GSP says most of his fear came from the fact that he was only two fights into the UFC and he was going to face the scariest man on the planet in Matt then. “It was a nightmare for me,” St-Pierre said. “People sometimes don’t remember how scary Matt Hughes was. He used to grab guys and throw them on their heads. He was a scary guy to fight. He had some crazy highlight reels.”

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