Watch: Musician Georgia Maq releases track titled ‘Joe Rogan’ months after teasing fans with a snippet

UFC commentator Joe Rogan gets a song named after him by singer Georgia Maq.

UFC commentator and legendary comedian Joe Rogan has a new song named after him. Georgia Maq, The Camp Cope singer released a video to her song titled after the UFC icon that has the internet exploding.

Apart from giving MMA fans crazy reactions during UFC pay-per-view events from the commentary booth, Joe Rogan is also a podcast mogul who has millions of listeners every day. The comedian has been a host that has several conversations about MMA, Politics, and whatnot.

Georgia Maq, a singer from Camp Coe had been teasing fans about the song named after the UFC commentator and she finally dropped a video to that song on December 13th. The singer is seen in the video ironically fangirling over Rogan referring to her past relationship.

Why did Georgia Maq name the song after Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan

The UFC commentator is known to give out controversial statements on his podcasts with guests allowed to speak what’s on their minds. Rogan also got into a lot of trouble for his comments and views on COVID 19 vaccinations which also was followed by celebrities like Dana White and Aaron Rodgers praising the podcaster’s views.

In the song, Georgia Maq talks about her ex-boyfriend that was defending Joe’s comments and views on his podcast which clearly did not go well with the singer. “I made this song alone in my house. It’s a burn on myself because of my historically bad taste. It’s a song about leaving a bad date because you realized you don’t have to sit around while some guy defends Joe Rogan and smokes a Gatorade bong; it’s about a very… unique experience that isn’t actually that unique—I think it’s relatable,” the singer said.

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