Glover Teixeira wife: Who is Ingrid Peterson Teixeira and how did she meet the UFC 267 star?

Here is everything you should know about Ingrid Peterson Teixeira, the wife of the number one ranked UFC light-heavyweight fighter - Glover Teixeira.

Glover Teixeira wife

At 41 years of age, Glover Teixeira is still going strong. The Brazilian, currently ranked number 1 in the light-heavyweight division is one of the greatest LHWs of all time. He has the record for most submissions and finishes in the history of the UFC’s light-heavyweight division.

Born in the poverty-stricken town of Sobrália, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Teixeira moved to Connecticut when he was just 20 years old, to support his family. He worked at a landscaping job. It was only after this, Teixeira was impressed by fighters like Mike Tyson, Royce Gracie and Chuck Liddell. He then took up mixed martial arts seriously, and here he is, impeccable at 41. Even prior to becoming a mixed martial artist, Texeira had met his wife – Ingrid Peterson Teixeira.

Who is Glover Teixeira wife Ingrid Peterson Teixeira?

Glover Teixeira wife Ingrid Peterson Teixeira

Glover Texeira met his wife Ingrid Peterson when he moved to Connecticut in 1999, to support his family. The pair had their first meeting at a gym. Love blossomed, and 2 years after dating, the pair married in 2001. That’s when their relationship was put to test. Teixeira had moved to the US illegally, with the UFC buying WEC – the promotion Texeira was then a part of, the visa rules and regulations were made stricter(after the 9/11 attack).

Teixeira was forced to get back to Brazil and get the visa issues sorted. Four years of ordeal followed. Peterson and Teixeira, despite being married, hardly met. Once Texeira began making big moves in the MMA scene, the issue slowly came to a close. He was granted a green card in 2011. Peterson had to go through all the trials and tribulations.

Peterson currently manages her husband’s fighting business. Besides this, not much is known about Ingrid Peterson’s early life, except the fact that she has a sister named Anna Peterson.

How many children does Ingrid Peterson Teixeira have?

Glover Teixeira and Ingrid Peterson Teixeira

Glover Teixeira and Ingrid Peterson Teixeira are believed to not have any kids. At least that is what their social media handles convey. One thing is for sure, with their love having crossed boundaries and standing the test of time, they surely make for one of the greatest power couples in MMA history.

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