“I didn’t get a clear-cut reason” – Jared Cannonier states the UFC is lying about postponing his fight against Derek Brunson

Jared Cannonier provides his assumptions as to why his fight with Derek Brunson was postponed from UFC 270 TO UFC 271 and what it would take for Derek Brunson to beat him. Read all about it here.

Jared Cannonier

UFC 270 was reportedly set to host Jared Cannonier vs Derek Brunson, the current No. 3 and 4 ranked middleweight contenders in a thrilling bout but it was postponed to a later date with both fighters not being given legitimate reasons as to why it did.

However, JC had his own assumptions as to why the UFC had their fight thrown back to Feb 12th. In an interview with LowKick MMA, Cannonier was asked if he was given any reason as to why the fight was moved to UFC 271 to which he replied, “No, I didn’t – I didn’t get a clear-cut reason but my assumption would be to have us as like a potential stand-in if anything were happening with that main event, me specifically.”

He went on to say, “That and maybe it will make for a better story for the card you know. You got the championship fight on the line and you have a number one contenders fight as well for that same, for that very belt, so I don’t know.”

‘The Killa Gorilla’ was then asked if him being a backup to the championship fight was his own assumption or if the UFC explicitly told him to which he said, “Well no, that’s what me and my manager talked about as far as uh this switch, that if anything would happen, I would be uh you know, available to stand-in. That and the other part was my own assumption.”

Jared Cannonier speaks on what Derek Brunson needs to do to beat him

Jared Cannonier(L), Derek Brunson(R)

JC spoke on about how he thinks his fight at UFC 271 with Derek Brunson would pan out saying that the outcome of the fight is bleak for his opponent as the victory is already his.

When asked how he looks at the fight from a style perspective, Cannonier replied, “I think um, stylistically you know we’ve all heard that whole moniker striker vs grapples thing um, and you know it’s a prevalent aspect of this fight. His – pretty much his only means of victory is to impose his wrestling.”

Derek Brunson is known for his boxing and wrestling and would look to assert his dominance in the fight by trying to lash out with some ground and pound but JC assures that his camp has a solid game plan in place.

We’re working. We’re working on you know, what he’s going to bring to the table, so I think the game plan we’re formulating is great. I feel like we already ahead of schedule as far as implementing the skills, the tactics, the ability to do. So, you know the outlook is bleak for Derek Brunson as far as I’m concerned.”

Fans now are going to have to wait for a month for what we can only expect to be a thrilling bout between the UFC’s top middleweight contenders.

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