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“I still might”- Israel Adesanya hints at a potential career in pro-wrestling post UFC 271

"Yeah I thought I was going to be a wrestler," says Israel Adesanya as a hardcore WWE Attitude Era fan who shows his love for pro wrestling.

Israel Adesanya

Don’t be surprised if you see The Last Stylebender Israel Adesanya headline WWE Wrestlemania in the future as the middleweight champion doesn’t dismiss a possible introduction into pro-wrestling.

Israel Adesanya after victory at UFC 271

Yeah 100%, I thought I was going to be a wrestler at one point. Yeah still might you never know,” said Israel Adesanya as the long-time WWE fan expressed his desire to don the ring.

Izzy continued “Childhood dreams, you know jumping off the branch of the bed into my brother. My brothers and sometimes my sisters just wrestling, doing Stone Cold Stunners and all that.” As the middleweight champ was more into wrestling than real fighting and being such a fan of the sport we can surely see Israel Adesanya doing RKOs.


Israel Adesanya also received a special gift from The Most Electrifying Man On The planet, The Rock himself, as he got his famous special Sunday Cheatmeal French Toast right off the oven from The Rock’s chef.

“It was still real to me,” says Israel Adesanya after learning how the WWE is staged.

Being heavily influenced by “The Attitude Era” at the WWE, Israel Adesanya used to be hyped and do “spin a roonis” as he has always been about the hype behind fights and fighters.

The avid WWE fan shared a wholesome moment when he was surprised to see 5 time WWE champion Booker T in the post-fight press conference as the pair shared a heartfelt moment.

“Even post-fight when I was talking to Booker T, those guys, I’ve watched them and watched the way they owned the stage and it influences you so my presence has been definitely influenced by watching years of the Attitude Era of WWE.” shares Israel Adesanya.

As the middleweight champ looks to don the octagon in June again we can’t rule him out of headlining RAW or Smackdown in the future as the WWE fanatic shows his love to the wrestling veterans.

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