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“He’d do whatever the f**k he wants” Joe Rogan talks about LeBron James in an MMA fight

UFC commentator Joe Rogan talks legendary basketball player LeBron James' chances inside an MMA octagon.

Joe Rogan talks about LeBron James in mixed martial arts

LeBron James is one of the most gifted athletes of all time. UFC commentator Joe Rogan is blown by how the NBA basketball professional would fare in the world of mixed martial arts.


Joe Rogan cannot help but imagine how a freak of an athlete like LeBron James would succeed in mixed martial arts. The UFC commentator in an episode with his comic friend Bryan Callen discusses the possibilities of James in the fighting world. According to Rogan, there would be no fighter on the planet that could stop LeBron if he decided to train in MMA.

Joe Rogan

Rogan says LeBron would be undefeatable not only because of the freak he is but also his winning mentality. Joe calls James a “super winner” and there wouldn’t be anything to stop the man from running through opponents in a fight. Bron is 6 ft 9 in tall and weighs around 250lbs with a very little percentage of body fat.


James is 37 and is still leading the NBA league in several criteria of the game. His fitness is unlike any other athlete in the world and Joe thinks fighters are “lucky” the athlete from Akron, Ohio picked basketball instead of MMA.

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“Everybody would be f**ked” Joe Rogan on LeBron James fighting


“Well, see a guy like that, if he was fighting, everybody would be f***ed,” said Joe talking to Bryan Callen on his podcast. “They’re lucky, they are goddamn lucky there’s that much in basketball and LeBron got into that. People would go, ‘Well, you know what, man? Some things that make a great basketball player wouldn’t necessarily make you a great fighter.'”

“Listen to me, save it. That guy’s gonna beat your f**king a**. He’s a winner, there’s just a certain level of winners and he’d do whatever the f**k he wants.” Jon Jones is a fighter that comes very close to an athlete that is very genetically gifted. Jones is the youngest ever MMA champion in the history of the UFC promotion. Jones has never been defeated inside the octagon.

It only makes us wonder what an athlete like LeBron could do in the cage.

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