“I never hit my fiancé,” Jon Jones comes out with a shocking explanation for his arrest

Post his arrest on charges of domestic abuse and battery, Jon Jones comes out with an explanation.

Jon Jones and his fiancee

Jon Jones has time and time again come out with an explanation for his criminal accusations and charges. This time, the fighter believes he is going to truly get his act together and focus on fighting alone.

Jon Jones was arrested on the counts of domestic violence and battery against his fiancee. The fighter was arrested in Las Vegas and also accused of resisting arrest and headbutting a police car causing a dent in it. The root cause of all this problem was Jon’s alcohol addiction. The police reports and audio leak of his arrest suggested that Jon laid hands on his fiancee and his daughters were traumatized by witnessing that.

Jones came out on Twitter and clarified the accusations. The fighter said, “I love how people are imagining the worst possible situation in their heads and making it somehow factual. I never hit my fiance and our daughters were woken up after our confrontation. My daughters didn’t see or hear us arguing.”

Jon Jones says he is ready to quit drinking

Jon Jones

Jon continued his explanation in another tweet. “That’s really the only thing I care to clarify..outside of that, looking forward to moving forward without alcohol. It’s the first time in my life where I’m actually ready to quit. Glad to have the support of my fiance, family friends, and fans,” he wrote in his tweet.

Jones guarantees that this is not a PR stunt. “Yep, I totally understand that, that’s why I’m not going to do some big PR stunt, hire a publicist. I’m not gonna do anything like that. I know it’s real. I know that I’m ready. Time will take care of the rest,” Jon replied to a fan that pointed out saying, “Actions speak louder.”

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