Jon Jones talks about training with Alex Pereira and never going back to his old gym

Jon Jones states he wants to train with Alex Pereira and won't join his previous gym.

Jon Jones
Jon Jones

Jon Jones gives out a couple of bold statements. Alex Pereira made a debut for ages as he knocked out his opponent Andreas Michailidis with a flying knee in the second round of their contest at UFC 268, the Brazilian fighter had a lot of hype around him, as he holds two victories over the middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

This victory turned a lot of heads in the MMA community, Adesanya’s rival Jon Jones commented right after his victory, he wrote, “Things just got really interesting at the middleweight.” This was an obvious nod at Adesanya, and while answering some of the questions from fans during his recent Q&A, one of them asked if he is interested in training with Alex.

Jon Jones wrote, “Not yet, I would like to be. Definitely will support him in anyway I can. We’ve been DMing each other for a while now.”

Another fan asked Jones if he’s trolling Izzy with these comments, Jones said, “Like I said if there’s anything I can do to help.”

Jon Jones is actively searching for a new gym

Jon Jones

Jones was recently banned from training in his gym due to his recent scuffle with the police, a fan asked him when he’s starting his training for the heavyweight debut, Jones wrote, “Definitely won’t be going back but I will continue to root for all the fighters that are training there,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “I do believe my training methods and sessions have improved significantly since changing environments. Grateful for all the time I got to spend there, everything has its time.”

He also said, he can’t train in his garage forever, and he’s actively searching for a new team, “I know I won’t be able to train in my garage forever, eventually I’m going to need more training partners,” he added. Mainly wrestling partners and kickboxers. I’m on the lookout for teams that I’ll be able to visit and come train with, maybe get some sparring sessions in.”

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