“All you little b*tches can get it, man,” Jorge Masvidal violently calls out Conor McGregor, Colby Covington, and literally everyone

Jorge Masvidal is all healed up and he is waiting to get back inside the octagon as soon as possible.

Jorge Masvidal

The former two-time UFC Welterweight champion, Jorge Masvidal pulled out his name from the fight against Leon Edwards that was scheduled for UFC 269. Masvidal pulled out his name due to an undisclosed injury and Edwards’ was also removed from this fight card following ‘Gamebred’s’ withdrawal.

Although Jorge Masvidal doesn’t reveal the nature of his injury but his former teammate turned bitter rival, Colby Covington shed light on his injury. In one of his interviews with Submission Radio, Covington revealed Masvidal injured his ribs. He recently received a call out from Jake Paul. Jake called him out after knocking out former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley in a boxing rematch.

Jorge turned down the fight by saying “you can’t afford me” Jake then offered him $5 Million to take the fight, but Masvidal said this was still too low, and they can fight in the UFC if Jake wants. Obviously Jake said no, and now Masvidal is looking for a new opponent.

“Sign the contract, Jorge Masvidal wants to get back inside the octagon as soon as possible

Jorge Masvidal

In his recent Youtube video, Masvidal called out literally everyone for a fight, he said, “When you little p*ssies get bored of calling my name out and actually want to sign the contract, from that little actress that works at Disney Channel, forgot his name, he just fought. To the little b*tch that sells cheap-ass whiskey, to the fragile motherf*cker that’s always getting his face broken – all you little b*tches can get it, man.”

“To the one who’s in England that was talking sh*t, you too, man. Come on, one of you sign the dotted line. Let’s go. Yes, I’m going to embarrass you and knock you the f*ck out, but you guys are going to make a lot of money in the process,” Masvidal concluded.

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