“Let these guys make a case for themselves,” Kamaru Usman wants somebody to step-up and challenge him for the belt

After defending his title against Colby Covington, Kamaru Usman is now waiting for someone to step up and present a tough challenge for the belt.

Kamaru Usman
Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman once again successfully defended his welterweight title against Colby Covington at the main event of UFC 268, he outclassed Covington and came out on top after five rounds of back-and-forth battle.

Usman has defeated every top contender in the division, and he is at that stage of his career, where he can just sit back and wait for people to challenge him. Usman however, likes to stay busy and is always looking for more exciting fights. One such possible fight is against his African brother, the middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya.

Kamaru stated that he doesn’t want to face his brother Adesanya, however, if Adesanya is interested, and at the right price, he can make some exceptions. He said, “Adesanya is my guy. That’s something we have to discuss. There’s a difference between fighting and competing. If me and him decided we want to compete and the UFC is throwing a hundred million dollars at us, then we’ll make it happen.”

Leon Edwards is a bona fide star,” Kamaru Usman is interested in a rematch against Edwards

Kamaru Usman on Leon Edwards
Leon Edwards

Kamaru Usman is now waiting for someone to step up and present a tough challenge to his belt, in his recent interview with Daniel Cormier, he said, “Now, looking at the division, there are some matchups there. Leon Edwards goes out there and gets the job done, and as heated as this rivalry is with Masvidal, if he goes out there and starches Masvidal, Leon Edwards is a bona fide star.”

He added, “Also, you can’t forget Vicente Luque. Vicente, he’s as battle-tested as anybody, he’s as fun of a fighter as anybody. So with this new – the way that I fight now, where I’m at, Vicente Luque is another exciting contender. That’s another fight that could potentially take place. I’m just waiting for these guys to really step up. These guys have got to step up and show the world that, ‘Hey, I’m that next guy.’ Right now, they’re kind of right there in the fold, trying to break through and I’m just gonna sit back and let these guys break through and make a case for themselves.”

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