Manager of Mariya Agapova refutes claims of the fighter being a drug abuser

Mariya Agapova was recently kicked out of the American Top Team gym following allegations of drug abuse and disturbing behaviour.

Mariya Agapova
Mariya Agapova
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UFC Women’s flyweight Mariya Agapova recently landed in hot water after being chucked out of the American Top Team Gym. In an interview with MMA Vestnik, her teammate Maryna Moroz accused Agapova of being a drug abuser and bullying her teammates.

This is what Moroz had to say about Agapova: “She was under the influence of drugs, she threatened the guys, and she was kicked out of the gym. Because she was threatening to stab and so forth.

In a recent statement to MMA Fighting, Mariya Agapova’s manager Alex Davis has refuted Moroz’s claims in an elaborate statement. While Davis revealed in the statement that his client Mariya Agapova was going through a hard time, he claimed that drugs were never in the picture.

It has nothing to do with it” – Alex Davis, manager of Mariya Agapova

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Mariya Agapova

Davis told MMA Fighting: “Mariya went through some difficult moments. She was all alone [in the United States], but now she’s been through therapy, she’s much better and she’s already training for a fight. It had nothing to do with drugs. Absolutely nothing.

He continued, “This is Mariya’s private life that we’re not going to make an issue to make her private life public. She came to the states from Kazakhstan, she went through some difficult moments, she had some crises, she got therapy, she’s doing very, very well now. She’s already training for a fight. There’s no drugs. It has nothing to do with it.”

Agapova is coming off the first-ever knockout loss of her career. She was shocked by Shana Dobson on the 22nd of August, last year. Since then, Agapova hasn’t stepped inside the Octagon due to a torn ACL surgery she underwent following that fight. She has now recovered and returned to training, earlier this year in May. Hopefully, she bounces back from this setback as well!

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