“I think I have a lot to offer still,” Matt Brown is not focused on retirement and is looking to put a show at UFC on ESPN 25

Matt Brown is expecting a bloodbath inside the octagon against Dhiego Lima at UFC on ESPN 25. Brown is not looking to talk retirement and has a lot to offer.

Matt Brown
Matt Brown
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Matt Brown at 40 still loves the sport of combat fighting like this is his debut. The UFC veteran talks about his love for the sport ahead of his fight against Dhiego Lima at UFC on ESPN 25.

At the media day ahead of his fight this weekend, Matt Brown is ready to go like this is his first fight. The 40-year-old fighter is taking on Dhiego Lima this weekend at UFC Fight Night: Jung vs Ige. In the pre-fight press conference, the fighter spoke about his love for the sport and his plans on retirement. “Never gets old; that’s why I keep doing it, man,” Brown told reporters present there. “Still get the nerves. Still get the butterflies. Still, you know, just pumped, man – and yeah, this is the greatest feeling in the world.”

“People forget, like, you could still die out there,” Brown said. “This is not a game. This is life and death out there. I know the UFC, we’ve been lucky, and I don’t think anyone’s ever died, but it happens, you know? I mean, this is a brutal, brutal sport, and I mean, I’ve had some brutal injuries from fights, so you know, that’s scary, man.”

Matt Brown expecting a bloodbath in the cage with Dhiego Lima

Lima vs Brown
Lima vs Brown

To put things into perspective how long Matt Brown has been in the UFC, Brown coached Lima on “The Ultimate Fighter 25”. The veteran has respect and praise for his opponent. “Dhiego is a really, really, really good fighter, and once he kind of gets his sh*t together in there, you know, he’s really going to spark some people,” Brown said. “I’ve got to stop that, and yeah, it’s a great fight. … We’ll be friendly and everything before and after, but for 15 minutes, it’s going to be a bloodbath.”

“I think I have a lot to offer still. I still think that I have a lot of things that I haven’t shown. I don’t think I’ve put on my best performance yet. It might be one of those unicorns you’re chasing where you’re always searching for that best performance. I’m sure everybody would say that, but I just think I can do a lot better than I ever have,” Brown said on his retirement.

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