“They all believed in me,” Megan Olivi reflects on how Conor McGregor and Rondo Rousey helped change her life

UFC journalist and broadcaster Megan Olivi talks about how superstars like Conor McGregor and Rondo Rousey changed her life.

Megan Olivi and Conor McGregor
Megan Olivi and Conor McGregor
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Megan Olivi has become one of the faces of UFC. The journalist/broadcaster has worked her way up over the years and reveals how superstars like Conor McGregor and Rondo Rousey played a huge role.

Megan Olivi currently works with Fox Sports to cover the biggest and major UFC events live. The reporter has worked very hard and has put in the time and dedication to make her way to the top. She is one of the prominent faces of a UFC fight owing to her pre-fight, post-fight interviews with the UFC fighters. She gets to interview the biggest of UFC stars up close and personal. She is also part of the few voices we hear during fights in major UFC events.

In an interview with The Residency, Megan Olivi spoke about how UFC fighters helped her progress in her career. “The Ronda revolution changed my life. We just had this really great repertoire, that was very natural. Nothing was forced about it, and I would say like between Dana White, Ronda and Conor, when you add all of them up, like that’s how my life changed,” said Olivi in the interview.

Megan Olivi calls UFC fighters life-changer

Megan Olivi
Megan Olivi and Nate Diaz

Megan talks about how interviews with former UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey gave her confidence and helped a build a better career path for her. She reveals that Rousey trusted her. “They all believed in me in different ways and nothing was ever forced or handed to me – ‘Hey you’re working for this, we see it.’ Same with Ronda, she would be like ‘I love your interview style’ and we did one and she had told her agent that I always wanna work with her, it was easy,” she said.

One other superstar that she gives a lot of respect and credit is the Irish superstar McGregor. Conor has done a handful of interviews with the journalist which have fetched millions of views among fans. “Same with Conor McGregor, we always worked before every fight and so, those were kind of like the life changers for me as well,” she spoke on the superstar.

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