“I genuinely want Julianna to get this fight and I want her to win,” Miesha Tate backs up Julianna Pena to defeat Amanda Nunes at UFC 265

Miesha Tate roots Julianna Pena to beat Amanda Nunes at UFC 265, Tate also aiming to get her rematch against Nunes in the future.

Miesha Tate, Julianna Pena and Amanda Nunes
Miesha Tate, Julianna Pena and Amanda Nunes

The two-division UFC women’s champion Amanda Nunes has been one of the most dominating champions in UFC history since he defeated Miesha Tate on UFC 200.

Now, Tate is steeping once again inside the Octagon almost after five years and she knows it very well that Nunes is single-handedly ruling the entire division. Miesha Tate is booked to face Marion Reneau at the co-main event of UFC Vegas 31 and she is planning to make an impact on her comeback fight.

In her latest interview with MMA Fighting, while talking about the women’s Bantamweight division, Tate says, “What I’ve noticed has changed in the last four years, there’s a bit of a lull in the division just because Amanda has been such a dominant champion,”

“All the women have been putting in a lot of work and they’ve been doing their part and they’ve been doing great but this is not women’s MMA problem.”

Miesha Tate continued, “This is any time there’s been a really dominant champion who’s cleared out most of the contenders, people start to question what can we do? Who’s next? Julianna Pena is next and I think she has a great stylistic challenge for Amanda. But the division has continued to evolve and I’m excited to get back in there and mix it up with these ladies.”

Although, somewhere in her mind Tate is still hoping to climb up the ladder once again and avenge her ugly loss against Nunes. Miesha Tate continued, “That’s what I want for myself [with a rematch against Amanda Nunes] but I think it’s cross that bridge when we get there,”

“I genuinely want Julianna to get this fight and I want her to win. I will be nothing but happy for her if she’s able to do that. There’s no part of me that wishes for her not to do this so I can have this fairytale storybook ending.” {H/T MMA Fighting}

Miesha Tate believes she is again going to wear the gold around her waist

Miesha Tate net worth
Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate faced Holly Holm at UFC 196 to fight for the UFC women’s Bantamweight title for the first time. ‘Cupcake’ was the huge betting underdog entering into this fight but she shocked the world and defeated Holm by a fifth-round submission.

Now, with her comeback, she is again aiming to wrap the gold around her waist. Tate says, “It’s a tall order. I know, a lot of people think I’m delusional, I know. I know I’m crazy but everyone thought I was crazy before. I was the underdog going in against Holly Holm and look you’ve got to dream big.”

“If you’re not dreaming big then you’re cheating yourself. People thought Francis Ngannou was crazy, too, the first time he got defeated by Stipe. He figured it out and he’s a better version of himself.”

Miesha Tate concluded, “If there’s anybody I’d like to model myself after, it’s that man. That storyline of evolution and figuring it out. I can’t get ahead of myself but I do have long term goals.”

“My long term goal is to be a world champion again. Short term goal, don’t underestimate Marion Reneau. She’s tough as sh*t and I know she’s going to bring it on July 17.” {H/T MMA Fighting}

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