UFC: 6 Facts You must know about Nate Diaz

UFC: 6 Facts You must know about Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz smoking weed before his open training

Nate Diaz is one of the most entertaining fighters the UFC would ever see. The Stockton Slugger is known for his tough-as-nails attitude, and producing entertaining fights for the fans. With his unique style and gameplay, the man from California never leaves a stone unturned during his fights.


However, there are some facts about him which are still not very well known. Here are 6 facts about Nate Diaz which are absolutely astonishing.

Nate Diaz was holidaying two weeks before his fight against Conor McGregor

Diaz shocked the world when he beat Conor McGregor at UFC 196. It was the Irishman’s first ever loss in the UFC. Diaz had taken the fight on extremely short notice – 10 days. Even more impressive was the fact that he had been holidaying in Cabo, Mexico when he received the message that he had to step in place of Rafael dos Anjos.

Diaz did step in. The fight went ahead as a welterweight bout. And, in only the second round Diaz executed a rear-naked choke on McGregor, making the Irishman tap. The victory took the world by storm, and Diaz’s popularity skyrocketed.


Nate Diaz began training MMA for free burritos

Nate and his brother Nick were very fond of burritos. When they learned that the local MMA gym in their neighbourhood was offering free burritos they joined the gym. The guys at the gym offered them free burritos every time they trained with them.

This slowly became a habit, and they eventually went on to become jiu-jitsu greats. Insane how hunger for burritos shaped Nate and his brother Nick’s entire careers.

Nate Diaz has been finished only once in his 17 year long career

Diaz is known for his never give up attitude. It is almost impossible to finish ‘The Stockton Slugger’. Of the 32 fights Diaz has fought, he has been finished only once. It came against Josh Thomson in April 2013. And even that loss doesn’t look that convincing, even though Diaz kept eating repeated blows. Since he was helpless, the referee had to wave off the fight.

Nate Diaz’s weapon : The Stockton Slap

A characteristic of Nate Diaz in his fights is his unique Stockton Slap. Named after his birthplace, the Stockton slap doesn’t inflict much of a damage on the opponent, but it humiliates them and gets the crowd going. It has been his trademark, and he can be seen using it in almost every fight of his.


Diaz famously used it against Conor McGregor at UFC 196. And he even attempted it once on the UFC President, Dana White himself, after the boss agreed to it. White’s head can be seen moving haphazardly in slow motion after Diaz connects with the slap.

Nate Diaz runs a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school in Stockton

Nate Diaz, along with his brother Nick runs a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school in their hometown Stockton. The school is called Nick Diaz Academy. The school offers classes to both children and adults across all skill levels.

The Diaz brothers regularly train at their own academy ahead of their fights. The brothers are also active supporters of Marijuana.

Nate Diaz won the TUF 5 finale

Diaz took the MMA world by storm when he won the 5th season of the Ultimate Fighter. The 5th edition of the TUF was held in 2007, and Diaz belonged to team Jens Pulver.


He made Pulver proud by defeating Manny Gamburyan in the final via. submission to become the winner of the 5th edition. It is worth noting that all of Diaz victories in the edition were via. submission. He holds an impressive submission record in the lightweight division as well – 7 victories.

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