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“You’d get smoked in a real fight tho,” Nate Diaz disses YouTube boxer, Jake Paul, in Twitter war

Nate Diaz does not believe Jake Paul can deal with real fighters inside the boxing ring.

Nate Diaz and Jake Paul

Nate Diaz did not hold back against YouTube boxer Jake Paul in a recent back-and-forth on Twitter. The UFC superstar blasted the boxer for not fighting legitimate boxers in his career.

The UFC superstar has been very active on Twitter in recent times hoping to find a good match for his next fight. Nate Diaz‘s UFC contract is on the verge of expiring and several rumors suggest the Stockton Slugger might move away from the promotion for a “big money” fight.

A fighter that the superstar has been heavily linked is Youtube sensation, Jake Paul. The Paul brother has taken over combat sports in recent times by making most of the controversy. Paul has managed to get almost the entire MMA community to hate on him and raise his stocks every time he announces a new fight.

A recent addition to his list of haters is the Stockton fighter, Nate. Ben Askren, a victim to Jake inside the boxing ring has admitted that his bitter rival is “kind of good” at boxing. Diaz slammed Askren and regarded that validation coming from someone “who can’t fight or box.”

Jake Paul claps back at Nate Diaz!

Jake “The Prblm Child” Paul

Jake lives for internet beef and he sure did not hesitate to clap back at one of UFC’s biggest fighters. Paul wrote back, “You have 6 times as many losses as Ben Askren. Let that sink in.” Nate is a veteran of the sport and has been in the fighting business for a very long time. Nate Diaz has a record of 21-13-0 while Askren who lost to a first-round KO against Jake has a record of 19-2-0 in his career.

Nate wasn’t having any of Jake’s disses and wrote back to remind the boxer he hasn’t fought a real boxer yet inside the ring. “He sucks Jake. You’d get smoked in a real fight tho You can’t really fight Boxing matches with wrestlers only Let that sink in,” responded the Diaz brother.

While Nate is still looking for his ideal matchup in the UFC, Jake is scheduled to take on Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy Fury in a professional boxing match. Is there a possibility we might see Jake and Nate step into the boxing ring in the future?

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