“He’s a d**k,” throwback to the time when young Nate Diaz poked fun at his brother Nick by talking trash

Nate Diaz's old video surfaces in which he is dissing Nick Diaz

Nate Diaz is one of the biggest names in UFC. He is undoubtedly the fan-favorite and one of the best fighters that UFC has ever seen. He was last seen in the UFC 263 where he faced Leon Edwards but lost via decision. Coming straight out of Stockton, he is one mean fighter and has a fearsome reputation following his name.

So you might be thinking, being such a great fighter, who is his motivation?? You won’t have to search for long to get the answer. It’s in the family, more specifically, his brother Nick Diaz.

Nate found a mentor in his brother and learned all the trades of MMA while he was in Nick’s shadow. When the reign of Nick came to an end, Nate shot up to continue the fire of the Diaz dynasty’s iron grip in UFC.

Nick now watches proudly as Nate Diaz maintains his fearsome reputation in any UFC event he participates in. When they share so much love, it is obvious that there has to be some brotherly banter and leg-pulling at times.

Nate Diaz pokes fun at brother Nick in an old video that has resurfaced recently

Nate Diaz speaks on Nick Diaz

A recently surfaced Instagram reel that featured a young Nate Diaz shows him playfully dissing his elder brother, Nick Diaz. He was heard saying, “I don’t like Nick Diaz, he’s a dick. He’s a crazy moth******er.”

The person who was interviewing him asked why is he talking s**t about Nick I’d he knows he can’t kick his ass, to which Nate replied, ” Because I can, man. He won’t do anything to me, we are related. What’s he gonna do?”

Watch the video of Nate Diaz and Nick Diaz’s friendly banter here:

Now if these aren’t brother goals then what are!

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