“Most successful Olympic team”- Henry Cejudo shares an image of the Olympic athletes turned MMA champions

Here is information regarding Henry Cejudo's Olympic squad members who switched to mixed martial arts after sharing an image of them.

Henry Cejudo shares a throwback picture of 2008 Olympics

Henry Cejudo has been in contact with a number of possible opponents about future fights since his retirement at UFC 249 took place. He has singled out competitors in the flyweight and lightweight divisions. The intensity with which he expresses his wish to return indicates that he is eager to do so.

According to Henry Cejudo, he won’t enter the ring again unless a title belt is at stake. He said the following on The Triple C and Schmo Show: “I’m only going to fight in this manner. You know, I’m not going to fight any other way.”

Recently, Cejudo returned to the USADA drug testing pool. He wants to compete again in the bantamweight division, where he previously held the title. The reigning bantamweight champion is Aljamain Sterling. At UFC 273 in Jacksonville, Florida, he defeated previous champion Peter Yan in a rematch to win the most recent title battle.

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Future of Henry Cejudo in the sport with a list of potential opponents

Henry Cejudo is eyeing a return to the UFC in order to become a three-division champion

After five rounds of combat, a split decision was made to combine Yan’s undisputed bantamweight belt and temporary interim title. Aljamain Sterling has eliminated any chance of a comeback with his triumph. The current champion has a 2-0 record against the reigning champion. Cejudo said this in response to Sterling saying he wants to fight TJ Dillashaw, Jose Aldo, or Dominick Cruz for his legacy.

Henry is one of those fighters who has had a unique career to the point they are in a league on their own. The self-proclaimed “GOAT” of all combat sports is usually seen to lay down his achievements every other moment. He recently took to Twitter and tweeted out the following, “This throwback goes to the most successful Olympic team to ever transition into MMA. 4x UFC belts 1x Bellator 1x OneFC”

The photo features Ben Askren and Daniel Cormier who are fellow 2008 Olympic wrestlers who competed in that year and also went on to be MMA world champions in different organizations. Henry has been romanticizing his past since his “retirement”, that’s because Henry has recently been doing a lot of nothing. The company’s president, Dana White, has made it clear that he won’t pick fights by posting material online. Any limitations on Henry’s comeback to MMA will simply cause him to be late. Fans can enjoy such braggadocios tweets until then.

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