5 UFC Fighters who are surprisingly terrific at sports other than fighting

Find out these UFC fighters who hold a secret talent for a different sport, something they flaunt from time to time.

(Left) Jose Aldo playing football in Brazil, (right) Brock Lesnar suited up for a Minnesota Vikings game

Recently footage surfaced on the internet showing Joe Rogan on the pool table, looking like an absolute pro. Rogan is also an adequate martial artist who could beat up most people who do not train, this would have you wonder who else among UFC fighters has a talent for another sport like Rogan does.


Not many are born wanting to become UFC fighters, at least not yet. Taking a beating as a way to earn your living may not be an appealing offer for most. Even less so when you consider the pay. However, it may be desperation or simply the thrill of competition that many athletes who could have promising futures in other sports shifted to MMA.

While we are appreciative of their mastery in a second sport, in a selfish way we are thankful that whatever made them chose the sport, led to us witnessing combat greatness. So here are 5 UFC fighters who are exceptionally good at other sports.


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Walt Harris- Basketball

Walt Harris during his days playing for Jacksonville University

While no longer a part of the UFC, during his run, Walt had many believing that he could be on the road for a championship with his KO heavy performances. However, Harris’s career was never able to recover from personal tragedies that struck him later on.
However before MMA became a part of his life, while studying in Jacksonville State University, he was part of it’s basketball team. At 6’5 while not extraordinarily large, he could hang with the best on the court. He declined further college career offers in favour of an MMA career.

Ciryl Gane- Basketball

Another basketball entry to the list, Gane perhaps surprised many with his basketball skills when a short video of him seamlessly dunking surfaced before UFC 270. Later on, Gane would reveal his true prowess in the sport when he and his teammates worked out by playing basketball in the open.
Moreover Gane, being a Frenchman caught many off guard by how good he was at the game.

Jose Aldo – Football (Soccer)

Long before he ever found BJJ, growing up in absolute poverty, Jose Aldo always dreamed of being a football great like many in Brazil. Thankfully he decided kicking legs for living to be a better prospect for him and we can only thank the MMA gods for it.
Even recently Aldo has appeared in charity football matches against Brazilian legends like Neymar Jr.

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Alexander Volkanovski – Rugby

There was a time when Joe Rogan could not go through a single Volkanovski fight without mentioning how heavy he used to be. However, he was not a fat tub or lard but instead a star player for the semi-professional rugby team, Warilla Gorillas
Not being defined by his short stature, Volk was equally good against the big boys and even won the honor of the man of the match during one of their finals game.

Brock Lesnar – American Football/Pro Wrestling

Perhaps the most significant cross-over athlete in the sport’s history, Lesnar was already an established name in the WWE before he shook hands with Dana White. While some may argue that, pro -wrestling isn’t a sport, the hurt they endure may argue otherwise.
However, Lesnar also had the opportunity to play for the NFL under the Minnesota Vikings. He even played a bunch of pre-season games for the team in 2004 before he was released, mainly due to complications he suffered from a motorcycle incident earlier that year.

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