“He can be beat”- Alexander Volkanovski on how he matches up against Charles Oliveira

Alexander Volkanovski claims that he can defeat Charles Oliveira and achieve champion-champ status.

Charles Olivera & Alexander Volkanovski

Alexander Volkanovski wants to join the UFC’s champ-champ club following his most recent overwhelming victory, telling TMZ Sports that he wants to fight Charles Oliveira at a higher weight class. He stated “It’s a goal that I’m looking for, that double champ status, I haven’t really been pushing for it. I know I’ve mentioned it, but I’ve always mentioned it as in the near future. It’s only now that I’m mentioning it as in ‘I think it’s deserving.'”

For the time being, Alexander is focused on his impending trilogy fight with former champion Max Holloway. Volkanovski has already defeated him twice and will be hoping to put a stop to their feud when they meet in the co-main event of UFC 276 on July 2nd.

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“A chance to go for that double champ status”- Alexander Volkanovski states his reason to square off against Charles Olivera

Alexander Volkanovski

During the presser, Alexander was asked about his ambitions to win UFC lightweight gold, to which he said, “Yeah, that’s why I’ve talked about this third fight with Max being a big one, When I’m think of, after this , when I’m gonna do my thing it’s gonna give me that time to go. At least have a chance to go for that double champ status. That’s what I want. I’m gonna do what I’m planning on doing. And that’s what I’m gonna go for.”

He further stated his opinion on Charles Olivera as a fighter and how he matches up against him, he stated, “And when I look at Oliveira – dangerous fighter. Dangerous fighter, lot of people like watching fight, exciting fights. But obviously, he showed that he can be beat. He showed that in his last few, even if they were exciting. He was almost beat every one of those times. The thing is with me I ain’t giving him opportunities.”

In an interview with ESPN Brazil, Oliveira stated that fighting Conor McGregor would be his first choice since fighting Conor is highly profitable. Oliveira submitted Justin Gaethje in the first round of what was meant to be a lightweight title fight on May 7, but the title remained vacant owing to Oliveira’s weight loss.

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