“There is no escape”- Aljamain Sterling sends an ominous warning to TJ Dillashaw

Aljamain Sterling believes he would beat TJ Dillashaw and gives a WWE reference on how he would beat him.

TJ Dillashaw- Aljamain Sterling

Aljamain Sterling is all set to defend his title for the second time in his career. The fighter won the belt last year in a controversial way and was criticized by the fans. Sterling was ridiculed over the internet and was called the ‘fake champion’. However, the fighter gained his dignity by defeating Petr Yan in the rematch at UFC 273.


The fight shocked the world as the champion outwrestled Yan and didn’t give the Russian any chance to make an impact. In the end, Sterling won the fight via unanimous decision. After that fight, it was expected that Sterling would fight TJ Dillashaw next and the UFC has finally announced that the fight is set for UFC 280.

Ahead of the fight, Dillashaw did an interview with Ariel Helwani on his show ‘The MMA Hour’. In the interview, the former champion credited Sterling for his skills but also revealed that he is not that tough opponent. Dillashaw said, “He won the fight. The first one was kind of a s* way to win the belt, and the way he kind of handled it made himself really hated. But still, I don’t feel like he gained that much more respect for the fact that he’s not a dangerous fighter.


He’s not someone you have to go out there and worry about getting finished or put to sleep. I’ve always known he’s great. He’s got some great skills in what he does. But to me, if I look at him, he’s not a fighter. He’s more of an athlete, which our sport is professional athletes, but we’re all fighters and want to go out there and get that finish.”

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“There is no escape” – Aljamain Sterling sends TJ Dillashaw a heads-up message ahead of their fight

Aljamain Sterling is set to defend his title against TJ Dillashaw

Recently, Sterling took to Twitter in order to troll Dillashaw with a WWE reference. Sterling in the tweet revealed that at UFC 280, he is going to humble Dillashaw. Sterling then hilariously used the reference of ‘ The Iron Sheik’, a popular WWE wrestler in the 90s. Sterling explained that he is going to submit Dillashaw with the ‘camel clutch’ which is the iconic finishing move of Iron Sheik. He wrote :

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“Someone will be humbled! I will make the Iron Sheikie baby proud, with a camel clutch! I break your back then suplex you! There is no escape now, jabroni!🤣#UFC280 #IronSheik #Jabroni #CamelClutch.”

The hype around the fight is much more than expected. Dillashaw, who was stripped of his title in 2019, is looking pretty confident about his return. Similarly, Sterling is in no mood to let go of his champion status so soon. Nevertheless, it is definitely going to be an amazing showdown.

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