“Good Ol days!”- Aljamain Sterling shares heartwarming stories about Jon Jones during their days as teammates

UFC Bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling talked about his days with Jon Jones in college and shared warm memories they shared together.

Aljamain Sterling on Jon Jones

Aljamain Sterling is one of the best fighter in the UFC right now. The bantamweight champion has an incredible professional record of 21 wins and 3 losses and is currently on a 7 fight win streak. Aljamain became the UFC champion after defeating Petr Yan at UFC 259. Aljamain might be a top UFC fighter right now, but when he started his fighting career, he worked with former UFC champion Jon Jones to improve his skills and become a better fighter.

Aljamain recently talked about his journey with Jon Jones after Jon was seen working as a cornerman in a MMA fight. Jon is arguably one of the greatest MMA fighter of all time and has achieved a lot in the sport since his debut in 2008. Jon started his career as a college wrestler and moved his way up to MMA by dropping out of college.

Jones was recently seen cornering PFL fighter Maurice Greene in his fight against Denis Goltsov on PFL 5. Fans were shocked as Jon showed his support to Green by appearing in his corner during his fight. Aljamain also reacted to this and revealed that Jon and him used to train together during their college days and Jon used to coach Aljamain during his freshman year.

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“Come down to the gym”- Aljamain Sterling reveals how Jon Jones helped him in his MMA career

Jon Jones helped Aljamain Sterling

Jones is widely regarded as UFC’s greatest fighter, but Jon is also the reason Aljamain got into MMA and is the bantamweight champion today. Jon used to train wrestling during his college days and Aljamain and he went to the same college. In an interview, Aljamain revealed it was Jones who got him into MMA and helped him improve.

Aljamain talked about Jones and said: “When I got to college meeting Jon Jones and seeing that he was doing it. You know, I always had an interest. I never thought it was a real thing. I just thought it was cool. And then after wrestling and seeing the success he was having, I was like, I think I can be good at this thing too. So I messaged him and he had me come down to his gym, which was 5 minutes down from where I was now going to school. He was killing it, and for me, that was me starting.”

Aljamain then trained with Jones for a month and showed his talent during the training. Aljamain fought his first amateur fight with only one month’s training and won the fight in just two rounds. Talking about the fight, Aljamain said: “I think I trained for a month and had my first amateur fight after that. I did well, got the finish, I think in the second round. Cut him with the first right hand I threw. That was scary.

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