BACK IN TIME! Dana White’s first-ever introduction to the world as UFC president

Dana White wanted UFC to make the Superbowl of mixed martial arts. Certainly the vision has succeeded.

Dana White young
Young Dana White

Dana White, the president of UFC is undoubtedly one of the most important people who helped make UFC what it is today. White took a dying company from the verge of bankruptcy to a billion-dollar business.

It all started in 2001 when White helped the Fertitta brothers to buy UFC from Zuffa and the rest is history. During his first interview as the new president, White was young, shy and a totally different person from what he is now.

In that first interview, White was excited about the sell-out arena and putting on a show. White shared his vision of making UFC huge and putting it in the mainstream with the help of top fighters.

The UFC president said: “We are very excited we got a sellout crowd here, 5000 people revved and ready to go. Basically what we wanna do is we wanna make this the Superbowl of mixed martial arts. We want to make it more fan-friendly. We wanna get the crowd involved in it and we wanna bring back the best fighters in the world.”

UFC was way different before White joined it and since then it has undergone several changes. Most of these changes have helped UFC to become the top MMA promotion in the world.

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Dana White: The UFC Showman that changed the fortune of the promotion

Young Dana White
Young Dana White

There is no denial to the fact that, without Dana White there would be no UFC. White didn’t only become the president or did an impeccable job. White is one of the best promoters in the history of sports entertainment. White is always involved in UFC events and likes to be present at press conferences, weigh-ins, face-offs etc. He has always been accountable for the things that happen in the UFC and doesn’t shy away of tough questions from the media.

White knows what the fans want and tries to give them exactly that. The 53-year-old has mastered the way of hyping the fights even if they don’t look good on paper. He always speaks about the fighters and their undergoing rivalries with such passion that fans get hyped about them.

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Other than that, White has helped UFC to become a global business with many lucrative collaborations with some big companies. Collaborative deals with ESPN, Venom, VeChain, Modelo etc have helped UFC to earn a humongous amount of money. All this would have been impossible without White and it will be a sad day when he decides to retire from his position.

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