“Fight a real N***ER” – Bobby Green clowns Paddy Pimblett live for fighting the “Monkey King”

Bobby Green filmed the back of Paddy Pimblett's head during the main card of UFC: San Diego, asking the star to face him in the octagon.

Green called out Pimblett on his Instagram live

Bobby Green has called out Paddy Pimblett but he had to do it in the weirdest way possible. Green, 35 has been on the sidelines since his early February, short-notice main event against Islam Makhachev where he was finished within the first round.


Green has gained a reputation for being among the few fighters fighter, always ready to throw down regardless of weight classes or preparation. This has more often than not gained him favors with the UFC, boosted by the fact that he rarely has a boring fight.

Paddy Pimblett seems to carry the same energy of never disappointing fans once he steps in the cage. In that line, Bobby chose to call out the young scouser in one of the most bizarre ways possible.


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Bobby Green asks “baddy” Paddy Pimblett to face a real fighter like himself

Green was finished by Islam Makhachev in the very first round

Paddy who was at the UFC: San Diego card, was seated a few seats ahead, adjacent to Green. Green took his phone and started talking to Pimblett although the Scouser had no knowledge of this. He said, “Look at this fat head right here, look at this” repeatedly asking to know “Who this fat head is.”

“They call him the baddy, I don’t know about that, if he was bad he’d fight me, “ said Green as he adressed his fans while filming that back of Paddy’s head. He then said that if he ever wished to get off “the weird monkey King s***” Green would be more than eager to welcome him.

Green makes a lot of sense as an opponent as he acts a great divide at 155. Apart from this Paddy has also been called out by Terrance McKinney, something he acknowledged over the weekend. While he said he wouldn’t mind taking the fight, “It’ll be much bigger when we both are established” suggesting that he’ll fight the American once they both have a ranking next to their name.

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Fans have been calling to have Paddy make a serious step up in competition, with calls for matching him up against a Veteran being as loud as ever. This list is topped by Jim Miller and Bobby Green as the two act as gatekeepers for the new generation of lightweights.

Pimblett has no fights announced yet, but many suspect that he will perform at the MSG since his friend and teammate, Molly is already signed to fight on the card.

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