“Mess with the bull, get the horns,”- Chael Sonnen fire shots at Darren Till after Till’s heated exchange with Ariel Helwani

Chael Sonnen believes Darren Till could face a backlash of his own actions. Darren had a back and forth with Ariel Helwani on twitter.

Chael Sonnen and Darren Till

Chael Sonnen has issued his own statement regarding the recent spat between Darren Till and Ariel Helwani. Darren is a MMA fighter and fights in the Middleweight division of the UFC. Ariel is the most notable journalist in the sport and has been in the MMA community for several years. Ariel and Darren both have a fun personality, and we’ve seen some amusing interactions between the two in recent years.


Recently, Darren criticized Ariel out of nowhere and said Ariel was the “worst thing to happen in MMA.” Helwani fired back at Darren and both had a back and forth on twitter. Ariel came out victorious in the online battle after he pointed out that Darren has only one victory since 218, same as the Bellator fighter Dillon Danis.

Both Ariel and Darren have a love hate relationship and before their online war of words, Darren revealed Ariel’s phone number through his twitter handle. He deleted the tweet, but Chael Sonnen has reacted to this and asked Darren whether he understands he can also face issues if he provokes someone. Chael tweeted about the incident and said: “Hey Darin, did you give Ariel’s number out? You have heard the expression mess with the bull get the horns, correct?


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“Watch your mouth”- Darren Till threatens to leak Chael Sonnen’s phone number

Darren Till fires back at Chael Sonnen

After Chael’s callout on twitter, Darren has replied to Chael and has asked him not to attack him or else he will leak Chael’s phone number. Dareen posted an image of Chael’s contact saved on his smartphone, blurring out the important details, but he is firm that he can also leak his phone number as well.

Darren is all set to return to the octagon and fight Jack Hermansson in an important middleweight clash. Darren has only won one of his last five fights, and he will need to win this fight to stay relevant in the middleweight division. He is currently on a 2 fight losing streak and has a professional record of 18 wins and 4 losses.

Darren is ranked 8th in the middleweight division, while Jack sits at the 7th position. If Darren wins the fight, he will can shut Ariel up after he insulted him on twitter. The fight will take place in England and this is UFC’s second Fight Night event in the country this year.

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