Watch: Chuck Liddell consoles Tony Ferguson after he got brutally knocked out by Michael Chandler at UFC 274

Tony Ferguson was seen being consoled by Chuck Liddell after being knocked out by Michael Chandler at UFC 274.

Chuck Liddell and Tony Ferguson

After being knocked out by Michael Chandler at UFC 274, Tony Ferguson was transported to the hospital. The lightweight contenders met in an Arizona crossroads bout, with Chandler edging Ferguson in the first round after Ferguson was knocked out.

In the second session, though, he left no question when a right front kick landed clean on Ferguson’s chin, knocking him down cold on the canvas.

Michael Chandler after knocking out Tony Ferguson

Ferguson was transported to the hospital following what UFC president Dana White called the “Most savage knockdown I’ve ever seen.” After a CT scan revealed that he was healthy, he was released. The American has now lost his previous four fights, including the main event against Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje.

Entering the second round and despite the end of the round, momentum seems to be with Ferguson at UFC 274. Ferguson takes the center to start the second and Chandler circles on the outside. Out of nowhere a front kick to the face from Michael Chandler and Ferguson is out cold.

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Tony Ferguson’s knockout loss devastated fans all around the world

Michael Chandler KO Tony Ferguson

Chuck Liddell has been at the receiving end of many defeats. He has been brutally knocked out multiple times. He has had one of the saddest falls from grace. He was at the attendance of UFC 274. Post Tony’s defeat he was visibly seen consoling Tony as he himself has been a victim of going out cold multiple times. 

The care seemed genuine for Tony while Tony looked lost. One fan commented, “Hard to see Tony down like that. He’s an all-timer at lightweight, but that front kick was absolutely insane from Chandler. Unreal.”

No one doubt this loss is the toughest one to swallow which speaks volumes of how bad it is as all Tony’s last few losses were brutal wherein he was absolutely dominated to the point he hadn’t won around. Tony is most likely one loss away from being cut from the UFC. He is on the downside of his MMA career and it’s unfortunate as he was one of the best talents the lightweight division had witnessed but that’s the nature of the business.

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