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Chuck Liddell urges ex-NFL player Brendan Langley to consider prizefighting after a recent airport brawl clip goes viral

Chuck Liddell reacted to the video of an ex-NFL player getting into a fist fight, an airplane employee at the airport

Brendan Langley and Chuck Liddell

Former UFC Light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell believes ex-NFL player Brendan Langley could fight in a combat sport after his recent altercations with an airline employee at the airport. Brendan Langley is the ex-cornerback for the Denver Broncos. In a viral video, Brendan is seen punching an airline employee after some verbal exchange between them.

Brendan is a former NFL player and in the video is seen punching the person unconscious. In the video, the worker appears to slap Langley in the face and Langley hits him back. The worker dodges the first punch but Brendan throws more punches, which eventually land on the airplane employee. The employee falls and is seen bleeding from his left eye. The said brawl took place because Brendan was allegedly using a wheelchair to transport his luggage.

UFC hall of fame Chuck Liddell reacted to the video in an interview with TMZ Sports and suggested that Brendan should compete in combat sports and try pro-fighting. Chuck said: “Those fights are doing well. Turn him into a fighter. Have him fight somebody!.maybe a YouTube guy.”

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“I had a target on my back”- Brendan Langley talks about the airport brawl

Brendan Langley

After the video of Brendan fighting with an airport worker has gone viral, social media has been making speculations about the whole incident. Brendan was arrested for a simple assault charge and the airport worker has been fired from his job. Brendan player in the CFL for The Calgary Stampeders and the team has suspended Brendan indefinitely.

Brendan’s attorney claimed Brendan was the actual victim, as he was minding his own business, but the airport worker tried to harass Brendan. After the incident, Brandan addressed the issue via Twitter and talked about the fight. According to Brandan, no one was actually helping to stop the fight and was standing and watching.

Brandan said: “U can clearly see soooo many @united employees watching everything unfold while I’m basically begging for help. craziest part, not one of them helped De-escalate the situation! It was like they wanted it to happen. Like I had a target on my back.”

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