“Have some respect” – Conor McGregor goes off on Rafael Fiziev’s ‘disrespectful’ tweet in response to the Irishman’s critique

Conor McGregor goes off on a rant after Rafael Fiziev gets disrespectful in response to a critique from the Irishman.

Rafael Fiziev- Conor McGregor

It’s not every day that you get to see Conor McGregor being very respectful to his peers after they have taken a shot at him. However, it must be Rafael Fiziev’s lucky day because the Irishman was calm enough to explain himself before starting a rivalry with another fighter on the roster.

Recently Rafael Fiziev, the rising lightweight fighter has been trending on social media among MMA fans ahead of his fight this weekend against Rafael Dos Anjos. Fiziev has been in the UFC for a short time but has gained a lot of fans on account of his engaging and exciting fight style. Some of Fiziev’s hype seemed to have reached the Notorious One’s radar and Conor broke down one of Rafael’s signature “Matrix” dodge techniques.

Fiziev was not too happy about the Irishman claiming it would be easy to penetrate Fiziev’s matrix defense. After getting challenged to test him, Conor responded to Rafael in a thread of tweets which surprised fans because of his tone. “I’m not disrespecting. I’m telling you, I’ve faced this defense habit a lot in my time where I knew every high kick I threw was being pulled back from and hitting air. I then began changing to an axe kick and came down on top with great success. That or the running roundhouse,” said Conor in his reply tweet.

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Conor McGregor claims Rafael Fiziev’s defense is penetrable

Conor McGregor

“‘Fantasy world’ is thinking that this major defensive habit you have developed is impenetrable. It is, very much so penetrable. Habits are opportunities to set traps. Good luck,” wrote Conor in response to Rafael’s fantasy world comment. It is not often that you get thought-out responses from The Notorious One on Twitter when you actually go at him.

Conor explained in his initial tweet that Rafael’s matrix dodge to roundhouse kicks could be penetrated if those kicks could be turned into axe kicks. To help Fiziev understand better, Conor also posted videos to show how he would penetrate the lightweight’s defense.

“Sir, all due respect. I didn’t do all I have done in this business by living in “fantasy world”. I done it through in depth personal study. Dissecting movement patterns and habits and capitalizing off of them with devastating results. Have respect, I have not disrespected you.”

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