Conor McGregor goes on an intense rambling rant after being compared to fitness influencer The Liver King

Conor McGregor went on a nearly unintelligible rant after being compared to the Liver King on some of his recent physique updates.

(Left) The Liver King (Right) McGregor

Conor McGregor beefing with Liver King, and the latter not being the one to incite it is the sign of the times we live in. Recently after McGregor posted a few of his physique update photos, one fan’s comments led to McGregor’s Twitter wrath descending upon the fitness influencer.


After McGregor posted his pictures showing a noticeable bulk, one fan replied saying, “At this point (you’re) tryna be liver king.What should have been just another troll tweet was noticed by McGregor who probably in an inebriated state went on a rambling rant to prove his superiority over the fitness influencer.

“Who? I eat the liver with shots not forks, ” said McGregor, contradicting himself on if he really knew the existence of the influencer. McGregor then went on to describe how his strikes are aimed to make livers go bust saying, “Ball of the foot, heel of the foot, fist, elbow, you name it. Even the butt of the head on the sly I dig them in. Production sees nothin till highlights, and even then only the next day. Motherfucker I destroy liver. I’m King, period.”


Among the many unexpected McGregor rants, this has to be at the top of list somewhere, more so because unlike most of his other rants, this tweet was not deleted by McGregor.

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When is Conor McGregor expected to return to action?

McGregor was last seen in action during UFC 264

Currently, the former champion is recovering from suffering a broken tibia during his fight at UFC 264 against Dustin Poirier. Since then, though still in the testing pool, McGregor has not had a single visit from USADA to collect samples.

More recently his health updates show that he’s back in the SBG Headquarters and training all around. Prior to that McGregor was on a vacation spree spending a long time in hot spots across the Mediterranean and finally ending up in the Dominican Republic.

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For his return, McGregor has named Michael Chandler, Nate Diaz, and a possible quadrilogy against Dustin Poirier. UFC Boss, Dana White has said that McGregor may even be handed a title shot upon his return, an idea that current Champion, Charles Oliveira has been open to.

While there have been rumblings of a possible move back to the boxing ring, along with Hollywood knocking at McGregor’s door in the form of a Roadhouse Remake, his manager has calmed everyone’s nerves. According to Paradigm’s Tim Simpson, McGregor is all set to return to action by 2023.

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