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“Plotting a kill”- Conor McGregor mounts a lengthy rant on Twitter as he teases a return

It could be the meds or just pure adrenaline but The Irishman has repeatedly teased a return to the octagon

Conoe McGregor went on a lengthy twitter rant as he teased a return to the octagon

Conor McGregor seems to have stepped up his training in the past few weeks as the star can be seen in the gym more frequently, a first for a long time. It’s been almost 10 months since McGregor broke his tibia at UFC 264, a career-altering injury. The last person to suffer a similar injury was the “The Spider”, Anderson Silva and it took him almost 2 years to completely recover and get back in action.

With the amount of wealth Conor McGregor has amassed in his career, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out he has access to better doctors and rehab facilities than Anderson ever did. Hence the reason Conor is confidently back in the gym, putting in the work while spending his off-time warning the UFC of an imminent return.

Conor, who was last seen in Cannes, France has set up camp in the famous city right around the time of the international film festival. Last night after what seems to have been a late-night workout session, the superstar went on a vague but lengthy rant on Twitter. The rant that started at around 9:30 pm on Paris Standard time went on until 4:00 AM.

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Conor McGregor hints that he knows all the details of his next fight

Conor McGregor is temporarily not being testes by USADA possibly due to prescription drugs required for his Tibia to heal.

The first tweet in the series read announced a triumphant return to action after which Conor announced his intentions with his return. The tweets read, “The Mac Daddy back in action” followed 5 minutes later by, “Sitting on a billion, Plotting a killing.” The former two-division Champion went on to tease a return ominously saying, “The date of my Return is…” followed by “My next fight is” However a follow-up tweet insinuated that Conor wanted anyone who wants to fight him to put their name in the hat as he was still on the hunt for a new opponent.

Before anyone could respond, a short 15 minutes later Conor McGregor shattered hundreds of fighters’ dreams who were looking for a payday by saying, “I well know who. When. What weight. Where. How it Goes.” saying all that he sees is dead people after they face him.

McGregor received a host of new opponents wanting to fight him after UFC 274, where Michael Chandler and former Champion Charles Oliveira called him out. He made enemies with his former Management partner under paradigm, as the two went back and forth over Twitter in the week before and after the event. The fights Conor has personally shown interest in are completing the Trilogy between him and Nate Diaz or a shot at being a three-weight champion by challenging Kamaru Usman.

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