“Damn Bro” Conor McGregor reacts to the fall of Tony Ferguson at UFC 274

Conor McGregor did not hesitate to take shots at former management teammate Tony Ferguson after the most brutal loss of his career

Conor McGreogor took relentless shots at Tony Ferguson after the later lst via a devastating KO

Conor McGregor is living his best life, being injured, out of action and sailing in his personal Lamborghini yacht but still managing to be called out by the best lightweights in the world. Both Michael Chandler and Charles Oliveira called out the notorious one after their monumental finishes tonight.

a now-deleted Conor McGregor tweet about Michael Chandler’s KO of Tony Ferguson

While Conor certainly responded to each of those callouts, his fury was aimed at, Former interim champion Tony Ferguson who was on the wrong end of a devastating front kick ko to the face at the hands of Michael Chandler.
Conor took verbal shots at Tony earlier in the week when Ferguson came out on media day, demanding for fighters to get insurance.
McGregor tweeted, “Tony Ferguson, who changes representation around four times a year, is saying it’s someone [else’s] fault he is in the position he is in,” McGregor stated.

Conor McGregor who’s in way bigger physique than his lightweight days, has expressed doubt if he’ll ever return to the division

“How many bridges do you burn before you look yourself in the mirror and say, ‘Maybe it’s me that’s the issue’? God bless you, pal, I’ll say a prayer.” Referring to Tony who was a part of Conor’s management team leaving the organization and also cut ties with former partners to train in his private gym.


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Conor McGregor says Tony Ferguson turned into a “nugget

During his 12-0 wi streak, Tony Ferguson as interim champion was the favorite to face McGregor

Today Conor took repeated shots at Tony. First, he posted a now-deleted tweet of the exact moment Chandler’s foot connected with Tony’s face with the caption “Damn bro.” In a follow-up tweet, he upped the ante saying, ” Tony had some great nuggets in the media build-up. Then he got punt kicked to the chin and got turned into a nugget himself. That’s crazy. ” Seems like the double champ was also as shell shocked as us after witnessing Tony go out cold.

In a third tweet targetted at Ferguson, Conor posted a close-up shot of Ferguson’s face at the moment the front kick connected, describing the look as that resembling a McDonald’s McNugget saying, “ If you pulled that out of a McDonald’s bag you’d dip it in sauce and eat without a moments thought”

Conor McGregor in lightweight shape

Back in 2018 when Tony was on his historic 12-0 winning streak, he repeatedly called out McGregor for a fight most notably post UFC 229, where Tony referred to the Double Champ as “McNuggets”

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