“What a loser you are,” Conor McGregor snaps back at Jorge Masvidal accusing him to insult the latter’s mother

McGregor is 22-6 in his overall MMA career with 19 wins by knockouts. Masvidal is 35-16 with 18 wins via finishes.

Conor McGregor- Jorge Masvidal

UFC megastar Conor McGregor has finally reverted back to one of fellow megastar Jorge Masvidal’s many recent appearances on media outlets where the latter has talked about a potential megafight between him and McGregor. McGregor, the former and first simultaneous 2-division champion of the UFC is on a tough run in his fighting career but is doing more than well otherwise with his ventures outside of the sport of MMA, that being in alcohol, food outlets, body supplements, workout and much more.

Masvidal on the other hand last appeared this year itself when he lost a unanimous decision to former teammate turned bitter rival Colby Covington at UFC 272. McGregor has not been in on a win column since 2016 and Masvidal is in the same spot considering no wins post- 2019. Regardless, both the fighters are 2 of the most well-known household names in the sport of MMA right now and Masvidal has already begun being a fight promoter as well for IKON-FC and Gambred Fighting.

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Conor McGregor affirms he would never insult Masvidal’s mom as he and she ‘would get along’

Jorge Masvidal- Conor McGregor

Back in an interview with MMA Fighting’s Damon Martin, Masvidal talked about how McGregor won’t be talking about fighting him but will be taking all kinds of personal shots such as talking trash about his mother, his nation and other dearly things associated with him, but again, avoiding the talk about Masvidal himself. A part of the interview was posted as a clip on Twitter by the official handle of MMA Fighting itself.

McGregor wrote in the comments section of that clip “Insult your mom? What a loser you are mate. Me and your mom get along.”

What do you make of McGregor’s responding back sharply at Masvidal? Do you think these 2 will ever fight in the Octagon? If so, who do you think will win? Both the fighters are very crafty in setting up their shots and producing a viral knockout, primarily from their hands but are seasoned enough to do so from either kicks, knees, elbows or even shoulders!

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