“You’ll get f**king smashed and go to jail” – Dana White blames illegal streamers for low fighter’s pay

Dana White once again puts out a warning for all illegal streamers who pirate UFC live events on websites. The UFC boss vows to put them behind bars.

Dana White

If there’s one thing that Dana White hates more than Oscar De La Hoya, it is illegal streamers streaming live UFC events on their websites. The UFC boss spins the blame of low fighter pay on people who steal PPV buys because of their piracy.


Dana White has been very stringent on his views about illegal streamers for a long time. The UFC president has gone to the extent of bragging about shutting down several illegal streamers in the past. Dana also claims that streamers have begged him to not take handle the case legally given that the punishment for piracy is very high. White was recently on a segment on GQ Sports and answered fan questions about why he is very against illegal streamers.

Dana answered the question, “Why is Dana so concerned about pirated streams? Who cares?” from a fan on YouTube. “I care dummy. It’s how everybody makes their money,” responded White to the fan. Dana has recently asked about the rising complaints of low fighter pay in the UFC and the UFC boss has shut them down every time. However this time, Dana believes illegal streamers shouldn’t be the ones complaining about the issue when they actually take a share of the potential profit the company and fighters could receive.


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“You’re b**ching” – Dana White goes off on illegal streamers

Dana White

White has constantly said that the model that UFC follows when it comes to fighter’s pay is “you eat what you kill”. White is a firm believer in this model and is more than happy to pay his fighters in handsome figures when they contribute to the pay-per-view buys. White says when illegal streamers eat off the potential PPV buys, the fighters also lose their share of the PPV bonus.

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“You’re bitching about fighters not making enough money. They get a piece of the pay-per-view. People who steal it are stealing from us and them. And what happens to people who steal? You get f**king smashed and go to jail. That’s what happens to you,” said Dana as he went off about illegal streamers.

Dana says he is personally invested in making sure that the illegal streamers are put behind bars and prosecuted for their piracy. “And I make sure that we get ya. Everybody was f**king laughing at me when I was talking about this, we caught a lot of people. They weren’t laughing when they got caught,” added White. If you’re an illegal streamer, the UFC boss has a direct threat for you. WATCH OUT!

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