“He’s in the discussion”- Dana White makes a case for Kamaru Usman’s status as the GOAT

Dana White still considers Jon Jones as the UFC GOAT. But, asks fight fans to start talking about Kamaru Usman for the GOAT status.

Jon Jones Dana White Kamaru Usman

Dana White puts Kamaru Usman along with Jon Jones, GSP and Anderson Silva among the best in UFC history. UFC has been around a long time now and has produced some of the best fighters the world has ever seen. These fighters are masters of their skillset and during their prime were absolutely unstoppable.


The Greatest of All Time debate is something which has been a heated topic among the fight fans. Some of the most prominent names out there are Jones, Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva. These three fighters are nothing less than the pinnacle of MMA talent mixed with extreme determination and hardwork.

GSP has an undefeated record with multiple title defences and is well respected all around the globe. Similarly, Silva was a freak of nature and in his prime toyed around his opponents like they were nothing. On the other hand, Jones is just a machine with unparallel fighting IQ.


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“He already beat Jon Jones” – Dana White reveals why Kamaru Usman should be considered as an UFC GOAT alongside Jon Jones

Jon Jones Dana White Kamaru Usman

Dana recently appeared in the post fight press conference of UFC 277 where he answered several questions asked by the media.

During the conversation, White was asked about his opinions on the UFC greatest of all time fighter. While responding to the question,. White revealed that he still considers Jon Jones as the UFC GOAT however, it’s about time that people start thinking about Usman to be in that spot.

According to White, Usman has already surpassed Jones and St-Pierre in consecutive fight wins. If Usman manages to beat Edwards at UFC 278, he will equate with Silva’s record of 16 victories in a row. White suggested that with all these achievements, Usman is surely in the debate of the all time GOAT.

“I still consider Jones, it’s time to start talking about Usman, you know. He’s one fight away from tying Anderson Silva. He already beat Jon Jones and GSP and now in his next fight if he beats leon Edwards, he ties Anderson Silva. So, yeah he’s in the discussion,” said White.

Usman has surely proved that he is an amazing fighter and a fearless champion. The fighter possesses everything that a GOAT should have. The fighter has a great story coming from nowhere then rising to the top with nothing but hard work.

Usman also has a huge following specially from his country Nigeria. It won’t be surprising if Usman breaks every other major record in upcoming years. It is going to be a tough challenge while discussing the GOAT in the future.

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