“My Friday is ruined” – Dana White triggers fans by inviting political commentator Tucker Carlson on “F**k it Friday” show

Fans are not happy with UFC President putting on Fox news' Tucker Carlson on the famous "f**k it Friday" segment on his social media.

Dana White and Tucker Carlson

UFC fans are always split when it comes to politics in the sport. Dana White might be fight fans’ favorite promoter as long as he doesn’t let out his political opinions. Adding the infamous Tucker Carlson from Fox News to his social media segment.


“F**K it Friday” is one of the best segments on UFC President Dana White‘s social media. The UFC boss has more than a million followers and his popular segment always does the most numbers. This superhit concept takes place in White’s private kitchen at the UFC headquarters.

The “F**k it Friday” show usually is White trying out weird, bizarre dishes that his personal chef experiments with, and fans are always tuned in to see how the UFC boss reacts to it. Since White started inviting guests on the segment, he recently invited Fox news’ Tucker Carlson on the show to try out the dish.


Carlson recently was at the UFC Apex for an exclusive interview with the UFC president. Ahead of their interview, Carlson was invited to do the popular social media segment. The political commentator tried a weird dish called the Elvis Burger which has bananas on burgers.

The very sight of the Fox News reporter has turned out to be a major bummer for UFC fans. Check out some of the brutal reactions from the fans.

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Fans disgruntled as Tucker Carlson appears on Dana White’s “F**k it Friday”

Dana White

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