“Twisting Words” Daniel Cormier accuses MMA media of trying to start a demoralizing feud between himself and Dominick Cruz

DC responded to Dominick Cruz's comments at UFC: San Diego Media Day and has asked the MMA Media to do better.

Watch DC's response to Cruz's comments at media day

Daniel Cormier and Dominick Cruz are back at it with their bickering about the other’s style of commentary. What started with Cruz accusing DC of not watching film in preparation to call a fight, transpired into one of the most intense non fighter feuds in the UFC, ultimately only settled by a reconciliation session hosted by Michael Bisping.


Now ahead of Cruz’s fight at UFC:San Diego against Chito Vera he sat down for media day where he knowingly or unknowingly reignited the feud with his broadcast partner when asked if he was worried about the Hall of Famer calling his fights.

Dom was asked if he thinks DC has finally started watching tape in preparation for fights. Dom replied, “Doubt it. Doubtful, but again, I can’t let go of control, DC is gonna do DC. “ He continued, “I call him the golden fluffer, he’s gonna say whatever you want to hear, and he’ll make you love you for it, so that’s his gift, gift of gab”


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Daniel Cormier responds to Dominick Cruz’s latest criticisms

DC and Cruz sitting down and discussing their differences

DC soon responded to the statement but he felt that the MMA media were desperately trying to twist his words in order to start a feud between the colleagues.

DC took to Twitter where he posted a screenshot, of a news article from the Mac Life. He wrote, ” I just wish everyone would just stop twisting Dominic words man. It’s frustrating, we’re friends I know you heard him tell me he loves me yesterday at the end of our interview. No one could fake that “

Cruz would respond to this on his twitter, agreeing with Cormier’s message saying, “Exactly right DC”

Recently the former two-division champion has come under fire for his commentary and the bias he shows calling some fights. Fighters like Phil Hawes would call him out to his face about the matter, though he would apologize to DC immediately. When asked about fan criticism, DC responded saying, I learned from Joe Rogan that you can’t always be right to everyone and hence I’ll keep doing me”

Cruz will have his chance to earn a shot at the bantamweight title if he’s able to overcome Marlon Vera this Saturday in San Diego. How do you feel about Cruz’s comments? Do you think the MMA media took it out of context? Let us know below!

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