“You cannot turn that off,” Daniel Cormier details the Phil Hawes altercation at UFC Austin

Cormier retired from MMA in 2020 with a record of 22-3 in his overall career and 15 wins via finishes.

Daniel Cormier- Phil Hawes

Daniel Cormier has retired from competing to be the toughest man alive but sure is still as fearless as he was in his days of fighting. Not so long ago, Cormier, who’s now a UFC commentator, went on a brief back and forth with UFC middleweight Phil Hawes after Hawes’ win at UFC Austin when he knocked out Deron Winn in the second round. Winn happens to be Cormier’s mentee and Hawes kept telling Cormier after his win and right before the octagon interview “You picked the wrong opponent.”

Cormier also fired back fearlessly and said “You didn’t me” and “Be Respectful” again and again. The matter got resolved quickly as Hawes accepted during the beef and even in the post-fight media scrum that it was his bad. Cormier has spoken about the situation on his Youtube channel which has grown a lot in engagement lately. Cormier is also going to get his UFC Hall of Fame jacket next week as he is getting inducted into the class of 2022.

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Daniel Cormier acknowledges Phil Hawes’ apology, explains mentality of fighters who beat fighters of his association

Daniel Cormier and Phil Hawes

Cormier elaborates what happens in such situations where any fighter like a prospect like Winn, who’s associated with Cormier, loses to anyone and they feel like having a win over Cormier himself. Cormier cites examples of himself and Khabib indicating it has happened multiple times where the opponent of a fighter of their association feels they just beat a legendary figure themself.

“The moment somebody beats one of those guys [Nurmagomedov is associated with], they’re going to feel like they beat Khabib,” says Cormier. “When people beat my son in a wrestling match, they feel like they got something over on me, but they’re not. They didn’t beat me and that’s what I told Phil. That’s what I told Phil, I go, ‘Phil, you didn’t beat me

Cormier then talks specifically about the Hawes situation. “Now at this point, I’m a little bit pissed off. Because I’m like, ‘Wow, what is going on here?’ I’m from Louisiana and I’m a fighter and you cannot turn that off. But Phil, to his defence, immediately recognizes that he may be in the wrong. His entire team’s off to the side going, ‘DC, it’s all good’ behind him, he’s just warped up. Everybody came and shook my hand and we go back and we do the interview. Two professionals doing exactly what we were supposed to do, concludes Cormier. [h/t MMA Fighting]

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