“He can fight”- Daniel Cormier takes his pick between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic

In a recent interview, Daniel Cormier opined on the matchup between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic, claiming that it is a negative one for the latter.

Stipe Miocic Jon Jones Daniel Cormier

Only a few rivalries have drawn crowds to stadiums and television screens like the one between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. In some way, shape, or form, Cormier’s career will always be linked to Jones. Their savage rivalry erupted in the midst of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, resulting in countless tense encounters during press conferences and interviews, not to mention a pair of fights that reportedly sold over 1.6 million pay-per-view tickets.


The one misunderstanding that Cormier wants to dispel is that he and Jones had such a sour relationship that he didn’t respect him as a fighter or opponent. Cormier has always regarded Jones as one of the greatest fighters in the sport’s history, and he had no qualms about expressing it in the past, much less now as his career draws to an end.

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 “I don’t know if Miocic gets passed Jones”-  Daniel Cormier assesses the matchup between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic

Jones vs Miocic

DC has fought both Stipe Miocic and Jones, and having lost to both, his opinion on the matchup becomes extremely relevant. In a recent interview with the Mac life, when asked about the matchup he stated,  Cormier stated that “I don’t like Jones, But he can fight” Furthermore he added, “Stipe Miocic although is very good If I was prepared as I was for the second fight against Jones, I wouldn’t have lost. It’s not that a great matchup for him”

He although thinks Miocic does not gets passed Jones he still thinks it is an exciting fight and a great matchup but doesn’t feel “Miocic gets passed, Jones”. 

Jones vacated his light heavyweight world title after his fight against Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 and is currently out of the rankings. He changed his focus to getting ready for his long-awaited heavyweight debut and making sure he’s in top shape. Even after a long hiatus, Jon wants to be the best in this division and isn’t afraid of a challenge. When he took to Twitter to express himself, he said,  “The greatest heavyweight of all-time versus the greatest light heavyweight, who wants to see it? I’m game.”

He’s declaring his desire to face none other than Stipe, who is also looking for a fight. As the champion is recovering from his injury, he will be out for a year. In the division, there has been speculation of an intern title fight. 

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