“Don’t let DC commentate” – Darren Till pokes fun at Daniel Cormier’s bias towards Dagestani fighters

The MMA community has always accused commentator, Daniel Cormier of being biased when he calls fights that include Dagestani fighters. Darren Till calls out DC for his biased commentary.

Darren Till trolls Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier is not safe from anyone, not even the UFC middleweight Darren Till. DC has been accused way too many times of being biased towards his Dagestani friends when it comes to calling fights. The Liverpool fighter once again takes a dig at the commentator in a recent tweet.

Charles Oliveira vs Islam Makhachev is one of the most-anticipated fights of this year. The two will go head to head at UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi for the vacant lightweight title. Though fans are really excited about this fight, there is also a worry that Daniel Cormier will be on the commentary team. Fans have always despised DC for being biased when he calls fights that feature his friends and fighters he likes. Islam Makhachev is one of DC’s closest friends and training partners for a long time so fans believe there will undoubtedly be a bias when the former two-division champion calls that fight in Abu Dhabi.

Darren Till, the Liverpool fighter also resonates with the same feelings of the fans around the world. In a recent tweet, Till expressed his excitement for the upcoming lightweight title fight and wrote, Charles vs Islam What a fight Just don’t let DC commentate.” Till has always been very edgy on his social media and doesn’t hold back from cracking a few jokes, even if it is against his own peers.

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Darren Till calls Daniel Cormier a “fat potato” while giving praise

Darren Till runs one of the funniest social media accounts among professional fighters

Though Darren might take a dig at DC for being biased he has also spoken out in support of the former two-division champion in the past. Till has advised fighters to not get mad over what the commentators say during their fight, whether it is biased or not. Darren wanted to let his fellow fighters know that it was DC’s job to call and analyze fights. Till is aware that it is not possible that Cormier to do his job and not please all of the fighters on the roster.

“Sensitive and tweeting back to him like hey motherf**ker I don’t like them words ur saying…grow the fuck up everyone it’s his job On a side not shut the f**k up DC you fat f**k,” wrote Till in a tweet that was supposedly defending the UFC Hall of Famer. Till is naughty like that with his praise and is one of the reasons why he is a fan favorite.

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“On another side note aswell let’s not forget that fat potato DC won 2 belts in 2 different categories, he’s an all time great and it’s some achievement,” wrote Darren in a follow-up tweet that was to remind people of the legendary status of Daniel Cormier.

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