“The best thing to happen”- Darren Till seemingly rallies behind polarising internet sensation Andrew Tate

Darren Till takes the Twitter to write an appreciation post for internet sensation Andrew Tate.

Darren Till Andrew Tate

Darren Till hails Andrew Tate for having the best content on the internet. Andrew Tate is an American kickboxer turned internet sensation who got viral through his tik tok and YouTube shorts. The 35 year old is known for his strong opinions on women and society. Tate talks about how men have suffered from the changes with modern society and how they should reclaim their positions. Tate’s opinions have attracted a lot of audience who related to what he had to say.


Similarly, many of Tate’s comments were edgy and this started a lot of controversies too. However, it didn’t stop Tate to keep doing what he does and earning millions of dollars through his network. Tate is a great example of ‘ All publicity is good publicity’ and the mixed reaction he gets only helps him to gather more attention.

Tate has a net worth 100 million and a successful business with his brother Tristan. Tate has his own online course which is pretty famous among young teens who purchase the course without hesitation. The course ‘ Hustlers University ‘ has a huge discord community of 140,000 active members.


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“This gotta be a troll” – Darren Till gets mixed response after his recent controversial tweet on Andrew Tate

Darren Till Andrew Tate

Darren Till recently took to Twitter to share his opinions on Andrew Tate and his contribution to the internet.

It seems like Till highly respects Tate and his opinions as in the tweet the Brit strongly claimed that Tate is currently one of the best things on the Internet. He wrote :

“Andrew Tate is the best thing to happen to the internet in recent years.”

After the tweet, some fans did support the claim by Till while others didn’t. Here are some of the fans reactions:

A fan wrote that he wishes Darren is trolling Tate and hopes that he doesn’t actually like Tate.

Till is himself known for having some controversial opinions for which he was criticized on the internet. It’s not that hard to imagine why he connected to what Tate says as both the individuals have similar opinions on several matters.

Last month, Till was ‘canceled’ for sharing an offensive meme which was poking fun at transgenders.

Till faced a lot of backlash for this post as it was not appreciated and many fans call it transphobic and irresponsible.

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