“Dynamite Hands” Fans react to Alex Pereira’s brutal knockout victory over Sean Strickland at UFC 276

Watch fans reactions to Alex Pereira's knockout over Sean Strickland

Pereira's knockout of Strickland

Alex Pereira just put out a bat signal to keep the entire Middleweight division aware and scared of his presence. The former kickboxing champion ran through his toughest jump-up in competition like it was nothing when he knocked out Sean Strickland in the very first round of their fight at UFC 276.

Pereira who has all the hype behind him as he transitions from kickboxing to MMA full-time proved today that he doesn’t have to rely on his knockout of Adesnaya for his fame but is very much capable of adding to his highlight reel in the UFC.

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Fans react to Alex Pereira’s knockout victory over Alex Pereira

Pereira knocked out Strickland with his signature left hook

Fans were equally stoked by the arrival of the latest middleweight contender and cannot wait for a rematch between the two kickboxing foes.

The shock of many was summed up by the few

Fans also pointed out (jokingly)that Strickland might have ruffled some feathers with the Brazilian at the Press Conference

WWE gifs can be a great way to sum up mixed martial arts highlights

Another fan called the knock out for what it actually was, a murder charge on Pereira

Strickland found out the hard way that you cannot expect to go toe to toe on the feat against a world class kickboxer


“Dynamite” in his hands of stone may be a deadly combination for anyone up next for “Poatan”

After just 7 fights in MMA, Pereira is already in title contention after beating a top ranked Middleweight

Fans also loved how nonchalantly Pereira tried to manifest an Adesanya victory so that he could beat him at a different sport

Chosing death after watching the sheer impact of that knockout seems like an easier option

All things said, Alex Pereira is a scary man

How do you think Pereira performs when he inevitably meets up with Israel Adesanya in the octagon?

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