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“This is not Fake-Youtube Boxing” Fans brutally troll Jake Paul as he responds to Conor McGregor’s Twitter callout

Jake Paul took shots at Conor McGregor and fans weren't happy to say the least. Here are their reactions

As Conor McGregor asked his foes to name themselves, Jake Paul jumped in to troll the former UFC Champion

Conor McGregor had yet another Twitter tirade to tease his return and the unlikely taker was Jake Paul. Conor, who posted a series of tweets slating to make a return, initially stated that he had a clear idea of who his next dance partner will be before asking anyone to put their name forward so that he can review his options

Youtuber-turned-Boxer Jake Paul took the opportunity to jump right in and trolled McGregor with an edited picture, recently released by Conor flaunting his latest shape. The image that was altered for Conor to have a black eye received mixed reactions from fans of Paul and Jake alike

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Fans troll Jake Paul for shooting his shot at McGregor

Jake Paul made his last appearance in the ring at a last-minute replacement rematch against former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley

Some fans reacted to the call out positively with one claiming l, “I’ll buy that pay-per-view”

Some others went into hyperbole territory, over-exaggerating Jake’s achievements (It what can only be considered irony) purporting him to be the “future of Boxing. “

Jake’s hard-core fans also referred Conor McGregor to be a “low-quality version” Of Paul, a sentiment they expressed in memes.

Some MMA fans took the call-out personally and made sure Jake know that it’s a whole other sport Conor is referring to and not “fake YouTube boxing”

A fan reminded Jake that the man who beat his brother, KSI is making a return to the ring and that he should beware of the GOAT.

A fan replied with a meme trolling fighter pay and got Jake acquainted with the kind of paychecks he can expect from MMA

Conor was trolled in the replies too with many posting pictures and gifs of his broken foot

Someone reminded Jake of who he is actually supposed to face to gain some kind of credibility in Boxing, mentioning his formerly scheduled opponent, Tommy Fury

Even UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson got a mention claiming him to be the “Third Paul Brother”

Do you think the fight between Jake Paul and Conor McGregor ever happens? Who wins the fantasy fight in your mind? Let us know in the comments

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