“He talks too much”- Israel Adesanya slams Ali Abdelaziz for repeatedly calling for a fight against Kamaru Usman

Israel Adesanya is pissed at Kamaru Usman's manager Ali Abdelaziz for spreading words about Adesanya fighting Usman. Here is a story

Israel ADesanya Slams Ali Abdelaziz
Israel ADesanya Slams Ali Abdelaziz

Israel Adesanya takes a dig at Ali Abdelaziz’s comments on making the super fight between Kamaru Usman and Izzy, saying he is just about money. 

The fight between Adesanya and Usman is something that every fight fan is eager to see. The battle between two of the biggest names in the UFC would be a fighting spectacle to watch. But both the fighters share the same opinion about the fight which is not good news for the fight fans. Both Usman and Izzy have been clear about the fact that they won’t fight each other ever because they want two tiles to be represented by two Nigerians. 

But it seems like Usman’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz has a different view about the whole situation. While talking to TMZ Sports he said “If there is enough money for both of them to fight, they will fight in the parking lot. I know how people work. This has nothing to do with loyalty, because these guys, it’s not like they’re training partners or brothers“. 

Israel Adesanya thinks Ali Abdelaziz should stop talking too much

Ali Abdelaziz on Kamaru Usman vs Israel Adesanya
Israel Adesanya on Ali Abdelaziz

Israel Adesanya recently spoke with Caroline Pearce ahead of his upcoming title bout at UFC 271 against Robert Whittaker. During the interview, the fighter addressed why he doesn’t want to fight with Usman. Izzy also describes his thoughts on Ali Abdelaziz’s comments on pushing the fight between him and Izzy. 

 ‘The Last Stylebender‘ revealed that it’s a mutual decision between him and Usman that they don’t want to fight each other. Izzy explained that Abdelaziz should stop talking and remain silent without meddling too much into others’ business because it doesn’t matter what he says. According to Izzy, the reason that the duo won’t fight each other is that it’s not for money, it’s more than that. It’s for the representation of their country on an international level.

It’s been on record. I said I wouldn’t want to. He said he doesn’t want it. But you know, you don’t always get what you want. So Ali should just be quiet once in a while, he talks too much a little bit….me and Kamaru, we don’t desire to do that because it’s bigger than just money, it’s bigger than us. This is for a whole nation. So yeah, f*** what Ali saying, “ said Adesanya.

Moreover, Usman has always stood by his stance that if Adesanya is the champion he won’t move to middleweight. With all this chaos involving Ali, Adesanya, and Kamaru, Do you think Israel and Usman would fight each other ever? Do let us know in the comment section.

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