“F**k Jon jones”- Israel Adesanya furiously snaps at ‘Bones’ for post-UFC 276 comments

Israel Adesanya responded vehemently to tweets directed at him by Jon Jones. What he said was as follows in the post-fight interview:

Jon Jones- Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya successfully defended his UFC Middleweight Championship by defeating Jared Cannonier by majority decision in Saturday’s main event of UFC 276 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Later rounds of the clinch were successful for Cannonier. The fight became unpleasant as a result of his ability to offset the champion’s advantage in the striking game. In the end, it didn’t help him raise his hand either.

The judges gave Adesanya the victory because of his precise striking. The winner stated that he is in desperate need of fresh opponents. He intends to put on a show, and he already had things going before entering the cage. When he entered the cage, he channeled the Undertaker:

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The rivalry between Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya escalates

“F**k Jon jones”- Israel Adesanya furiously snaps at ‘Bones’ for post-UFC 276 comments 2

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the possibility of a clash between Israel and Jones for years. There is no attempt being made by these two individuals to hide their dislike for one another. Adesanya has pleaded for a bout with the former light heavyweight champion. Jones, though, is adamant that their disparate skill levels would make any competition between them a mismatch, therefore his attempts have been ineffective. The American, though, enjoys a good fight. And Adesanya has gone above all previous norms with her most recent social media post.

Adesanya asserted that he will render Pereira “frozen” like Elsa when they square off in the octagon. Jones wasn’t pleased with the shout-out and criticized Adesanya on Twitter while also making fun of the champion, he stated, “Bro I can’t stop thinking about this sh*t. How are you going to threaten a guy like Alex with glossy fingernails and a frozen reference. I’m over here scratching my head,”

Israel was asked about his response to the said Tweets directed at him to which he stated, “F*** Jon Jones. F*** Jon. I don’t want to hear about that b****. Why’s he got to talk about my nails for? He’s just jealous and insecure as a f*** boy. He could never rock s*** like this. He’s a b***h!”

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