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“Biggest B*TCH move” – Jake Paul sends disrespectful message to UFC legend

Jake Paul talks to Sean O'Malley about the happenings in UFC. The YouTube boxer launches a scathing attack on one of the UFC legends.

Jake Paul and Sean O'Malley launch scathing attack on UFC veteran

Jake Paul and Sean O’Malley are two of the most notorious personalities in combat sports right now. When the two join hands it only guarantees more headlines and controversies. The YouTube boxer dissed one of the best UFC bantamweights in a recent conversation with his friend, O’Malley.

The YouTube boxer has started a show of his own called the BS w/ Jake Paul. The channel already has 2.37 million subscribers on the platform and on his first-ever episode of the show, Sean O’Malley rising UFC star made an appearance to support his friend, Paul, and also promote his upcoming fight against Petr Yan at UFC 280 which will be held in Abu Dhabi.

It was not long before the Suga Show stepped into the octagon. At UFC 276, O’Malley was in a very uneventful fight against bantamweight legend Pedro Munhoz. Every time Sean steps into the octagon, the crowd and fans around the world expect fireworks. However, his last outing was an utter disappointment. Jake Paul, who is a fan of “Sugar” blames the veteran, Munhoz for how the fight played out. MMA fans sure won’t be happy with Jake’s recent comments on the Brazilian.

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Jake Paul was not happy with Pedro Munhoz after the Sean O’Malley fight

Pedro Munhoz at UFC 276

The fight between Pedro Munhoz and O’Malley ended in a No Contest draw as the Brazilian fighter claimed he couldn’t continue to fight after an unintentional eye poke from O’Malley. Fans and many others who watched the fight live believed that Munhoz used the eye poke as a reason to back out from the fight in which he was struggling.

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“I just have to say, bro, Pedro Munhoz pulled the biggest b**ch move in all of UFC history,” Jake said to O’Malley on the new show. “And Pedro, if you’re watching this, you are a f***ing b****, mate. I went out of my f**king way to DM him. I don’t DM people, I DM’d him. I found his little s**tty Instagram and I said, ‘Yo! You are the biggest b**** in the world.'”

Jake is already not a very likable figure among MMA fans. Since his fights against former champions like Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren, Jake has launched scathing attacks on the MMA community and also the UFC boss, Dana White. Sean also received a lot of hate when the UFC fighter backed the YouTube boxer to beat former welterweight champ, Tyron Woodley.

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